Steps to Take When Using a Laser Cutter


Laser cutters are a fantastic way to create a variety of custom products, but those who have not used one before may wonder what they’ll need to do to create the products they’re imagining. There is a lot to consider, from the material to the design and any customization, but the process is quick and the end result will be amazing. Use the following steps to create any product on a laser cutter.

Decide on the Base Material

Choosing the base material is always the first step. Raw materials like wood, metal, plastic, and rubber can be used to create products. Ready-made materials like plaques can be used as well, depending on what the user wants to do and what the end product will look like.

Choose the Type of Work Done

Various types of work can be done by the laser cutter, so it’s a good idea to figure out the right option for any project. Cutting can be done on a variety of raw materials, and the cut-outs can be used as-is or combined to create a new product, depending on what the project is. Other options include engraving or etching, both of which can be done on a variety of different materials.

Choose or Create a Design

A design is needed to use the machine. It is possible to purchase designs or create custom ones to be used on products being created. When designing products to sell, it is better to use a completely custom design or to make sure any design purchased is able to be placed on products and sold. It is best to avoid copyrighted designs like sports logos without authorization.

Add Customization

The basic design can be customized further to create unique products. If the products created are going to be sold, it may be desirable to add on the customer’s name or phrases that customers might want to purchase. An example of this might be the fun wood signs people hang up in their homes that have kids’ names or special phrases on them.

Create the Product

Once all of the design work is done, it’s time to use the laser cutter. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to get great results every time. Those who are new to laser cutters may want to try out a few projects on scrap materials before using the real materials to make sure they know all of the steps to get it right.

Do Any Necessary Finishing

After the product is created, it’s time for finishing. This may include painting, putting together various pieces, staining, or adding a finish to protect the final product. Each product may have different finishing requirements, depending on the final result desired and the type of material used.

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