Discover Tips on Switching the Diet of Your Cat or Dog into a Raw Diet


Most of our staff members at Houston Raw Pet Food are pet owners who understand how difficult the transition to this feeding can be. It takes time and effort to switch your dog or cat to a raw diet. It’s tempting to give up on feeding your pet a raw diet that’s suited for its species due to the overwhelming amount of conflicting information available online. In any case, kudos to you if you’ve made it this far; realizing that processed components in your pet food are very harmful to a pet’s health is half the fight. The following are some simple guidelines our in-house raw feeding specialists have put together to help you and your pet get off to a good start with raw feeding (and a healthier and longer life). Tips on transitioning into a raw pet diet:

Tips on Switching to a Raw Pet Diet

  1. Transition gradually

The transitioning process might take weeks or even months. Take it easy. Start by feeding just canned treats, then go on to freeze-dried foods, and only then introduce raw meat. Raw meat may be difficult for the digestive tract since it requires a different digestion process than baked kibble. Feed less and less dry food and gradually introduce wet food. If your cat is really finicky and/or addicted to kibble, you may need to gradually increase the moisture content of the kibble a few days or weeks before you introduce raw treats.

  1. Don’t give up on a raw treat immediately your cat or dog rejects it

Don’t just cut anything out of their diet without giving them many chances to try it first. While most cats and dogs are skeptical of new foods at first, they may come around after a few attempts. If it’s too dry, just add water, tuna, or bone broth and mash it all together. You have to be patient for this transition to be successful.

  1. Ensure you give your cat or dog a raw treat daily

To ensure that they are eating and encourage them to try the new meal, you should have raw treats at all times.

  1. Experiment with a wide variety of raw treats and flavors

You shouldn’t force them to eat just one thing. Try it shredded, pate, or in bite-sized chunks. Come up with a little charcuterie board, including a variety of meats, and observe their eating habits.

We Will Be There to Help You at Every Turn of The Transition Process

Are you ready to transition into a raw pet diet? Houston Raw Pet Food is here to support you every step of the way. Get your pet started on the finest raw food diet possible by consulting with our animal nutrition adviser or using our free feeding guide to determine the amount of raw food your pet needs each day. If necessary, we will also coordinate with your veterinarian. Please get in touch with us if there is anything more you want to know about raw pet diets. Greetings, and good luck making the transition!