5 Useful Tips To Plan Out A Modular Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house with a lot of time being spent preparing meals, deciding recipes, arranging the electrical appliances, stacking the containers, spices etc., in a neat order etc. Hence it becomes imperative to have a kitchen which is aesthetically inviting as well as functional and practical. The planning of the kitchen modular is a beautiful way to combine all the three.

In fact a well-planned modular kitchen a small space gets magnified in a way that it starts to hold more items than it originally did. While the modular kitchen, in itself, is quite a costly affair, it is however, easy to install and maintain since individual parts can be taken out easily and replaced.

Some of the aspects which need to be looked into in order to plan the perfect modular kitchen are:

  • Design: The design of the modular kitchen depends on the space that is available as well as the needs and requirements of the people using the same. Based on the same the shape of the kitchen can either be C, L or U shaped. The electrical points for all the electrical appliances that need to be put should be decided beforehand. The position of the sink is another important point that needs to be decided since the plumbing will have to be carried out accordingly.
  • Storage space: The basic aim of the creation of a modular kitchen is to amplify the actually space available. This can only be done by proper planning and the use of intelligent designing. In fact it has been seen that pull-out cabinets or storage cabinets are excellent ways to create more space. However, care should be taken to ensure that the kitchen does not get cluttered and claustrophobic.
  • Appliances and accessories: The common appliances that are present in the kitchen are the microwave, the sandwich maker, the mixer-grinder, the toasted etc. It is important to classify them according to the frequency of use and get them installed accordingly. The incorporation of the stove top and grill combines make for an excellent way to utilise space. Other appliances should only be purchased if there is space and need for the same in the kitchen. Care should be taken beforehand to ensure that the kitchen has the required infrastructure to ensure maximum utilisation for the kitchen electrical appliance purchased.
  • Material: This is something which needs to be chosen based more on practicality and functionality than because something looks good. The choice of the material is an important determinant for the final cost of the modular kitchen to be constructed. Thus the choice of the counter top or the materials for the storage cabinets etc., should be done only after careful consideration of their advantages and disadvantages.

The modular kitchen is a one-time interior planning done to modify the kitchen. Due to the costs involved, it cannot be redone if something is not to the liking. Thus before the execution of the actual plan, the design needs to be checked and rechecked to ensure that it is almost perfect.