Wednesday, September 27

  Easy Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas!


A birthday cake needs to be perfect as a birthday is one of the most memorable days in anyone’s life. If you have planned the whole birthday party and invited the guests but have failed to design an eye-soothing delectable cake, the party celebrations won’t feel complete. Whether you order a classic simple cake online or bake a cake at home, it surely needs to be decorated with amazing elements to add charm. After all, everyone at the party wants to get a selfie with the delicious cake. To keep it simple, we have listed down the easiest and one of the best birthday cake decoration ideas that are guaranteed to turn your luscious cake into an eye-pleasing and special one!

Roll the Sprinklers

Birthday cakes and sprinklers are the perfect matches as the colorful sprinklers suit the birthday venue theme. Just get some sprinklers and roll them over the cake in a decorative way. You can use stencil or moulds to decorate it in a perfect way. Write down a message with sprinklers or make a number like structure at the top to display how many years the birthday boy/girl has turned to!

Bring in Fresh Berries

Nothing can beat the refreshing look that berries and fruits will give to your cake. Whether it’s a butterscotch cake or a vanilla cake, the fruit topping can definitely make the cake an amazing one! After all, everyone loves to eat fresh fruits and berries. You can either place the fruits on the cake boundary or spread it in a decorative fashion near the cake center.

KitKat, Dairy Milk, and Rochers?

Too much deliciousness! It’s time to gather these and many more lip-smacking chocolates and candies. Now you have two ways to use the chocolates for decoration – either you can place the candies and chocolates in between the cake layers or decoratively place it on the top of the cake. Make sure you have enough chocolates to refill the frosting as the kids will attack the chocolates first!

Pluck Edible Garden Fresh Flowers

Yes! How can we forget the edible flowers? Get everything from rose petals to lavender and decorate the cake using these natural beauties. The birthday cake will turn into something brilliant, and the guests will have a mouthwatering experience while eating the delectable cake.

Powdered Sugar to Rescue

You definitely have white sugar at home, and that is enough to give your birthday cake a dashing look! Grind some white sugar crystals and then sprinkle it over the cake in a decorative fashion. The powdered sugar will look amazing on a dark-colored cake, and you can even make creative designs using this on the cake.

So, that’s all about the birthday cake decorations. These decoration ideas will make the perfect birthday cake for boys and girls. Add charm to the birthday celebrations by presenting the best decorated birthday cake! Hope you decorate your and your dear one’s birthday cakes with these and many more decorative elements.