When do People Need Water Restoration Done?


Floods, storms, accidents: they all happen, and unfortunately, they happen to good people. Once water has gotten into someone’s home or business, both managers and the heads of families are usually content to believe that is the end of it and move on with their lives. It did dry up and didn’t cause any harm, right?

Well, this isn’t always the case for some buildings that end up with water damage. So, what are the indications that a family or a business owner might need to have water damage restoration work done?

First, finding indications that water restoration may be needed aren’t always something that people notice right away. The walls, ceilings, and floors all need to be checked to see if there is water damage. Here is what to look for:

Odd Sounds

No, we’re not talking about ghosts and hauntings. One of the subtlest signs of an issue in a home is noises that aren’t normal for it. This means turning off anything in the house or business that can be distracting. When it is quiet, be sure to listen for the sound of dripping water or the sound of rushing water. This may indicate water damage and the need for water restoration.

Bad Smells

The presence of water in a nice, warm home is a bad combination. Where it’s damp and warm is where mold can grow and this can lead to bad smells. If people smell a musty odor in the air, then mold may be present and that can mean water damage has already occurred.

It’s Always Cold

Water damage in the home can lead to problems heating it. Some people jump to the conclusion that they have bad insulation, and they might be right, but bad insulation isn’t a problem some of the time, it’s a problem all of the time.

If in cold weather, a house or a business goes from warm and cozy to always feeling cold and even a bit damp, then there could be issues with water damage in the house.

Damage in the basement, wet insulation, or water damage in the attic can all lead to issues with heat, which means that water restoration may need to be done to restore the home or business to a place that’s nice and warm again.


This is one of the easier things to spot that may indicate that water restoration might be needed. Water leakage tends to leave behind marks to indicate that it was there. This can be a kind of brownish colored stain that can appear on walls and ceilings.

Be aware that continuing water damage will cause these stains to expand which is a definite indicator that water restoration needs to be done.


Bubbling and bleeding paint also indicate that water is leaking into the walls where it builds up and causes the paint to expand, forming bubbles. It’s also a good idea to look at the floors and see if the wood is warped at all as this is also a means that water has to cause damage.