How I Got Fit After Giving Birth with Weight Loss Coffee


After childbirth, I wanted to get back into shape in a healthy manner. Not only should I keep myself fit for myself, but my health affects my baby’s health, too. Because of this, I’ve decided to create a plan to stay healthy and lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy. A few weeks ago, I enacted a method that used regular exercise, a balanced diet, a weight loss coffee and some slimming jellies. Here’s how I got fit after giving birth.

Using Lactation Milk

Since I still had a newborn that needed breastfeeding, I didn’t want to limit my food intake to get slimmer because that might risk the nutritional value of my breast milk. I started eating a healthier diet, but I wanted a supplement to ensure my baby was getting all the nutrients she needed from me. I decided to try a lactation drink that one of my friends recommended. It was a multigrain drink with a variety of oats included inside, plus many other vitamins.

I was pleasantly surprised at how my breast milk became when I started to take the lactation drink daily. My baby also became more energetic and healthy because the quality of my milk increased significantly.

Eating a Healthy Diet

After my confinement period ended, I wanted to start a balanced and healthy diet with a better eating schedule. No more midnight snacks for me, I decided. I’ll only be eating the recommended three meals a day, a lot of which consists of fruits and vegetables for more nutrition and increased weight loss. I also started to drink a weight loss coffee with probiotics during my morning breakfast. It is also a carb blocker from Singapore, preventing carbs from being digested by the body. It also includes probiotics to help improve my gut health further.

Exercising Regularly

After I’ve had my breakfast and weight loss coffee, it’s time to exercise. Since I haven’t fully recovered yet from my childbirth, I wanted to start with something simple enough yet effective. One of the best ways for a mother to get back in shape is by walking, so I use my treadmill for a few minutes on a low setting to warm up.

Using Slimming Jellies

In the afternoon, I usually start craving a little snack before dinner. To curb this craving and my appetite as a whole, I ordered a slimming jelly to eat as a snack. It’s a small sachet filled with jelly that boosts my metabolism and suppresses my hunger, aiding my weight loss journey. I was delighted to learn that it was safe to use these jellies alongside my weight loss coffee.

It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m already starting to see results. Not only do I feel healthy, but my body also looks more fit. My newborn baby is happy and healthy with my healthier milk, so the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle are certainly some that I won’t regret!

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