Thursday, September 21

Four Important Reasons to Invest in Inflatable Paddle Boards


Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the most enjoyable, fun, and addictive watersports. Furthermore, this activity provides a full-body workout and has several health benefits. However, for you to enjoy this sport, you must find the best paddle board that will never disappoint you. Many experienced paddlers usually opt for inflated stand-up paddle boards because of the immense benefits they offer. Read on to know why you should invest in these boards. 


Inflatable SUP boards are light in weight and they can be carried with one hand. As a result, they are portable and can be taken anywhere with ease. The weights of the boards vary depending on construction and size. However, they usually weigh between 15 lbs. and 35 lbs. Inflatable boards are user-friendly because they are more comfortable on the rider’s body. 


Owing to their advanced material design and technology, inflatable SUP boards are rigid when compared to hardboards. They have a distinct performance advantage of epoxy and fiberglass boards. They are more stable and offer excellent support for the rider’s weight when compared to hardboards. They are used in competitions because many riders have realized their enhanced performance. 


Inflatable stand up paddle board manufacturers use military grade materials that are not susceptible to the vulnerabilities of hardboards. They can be used on rivers where many people are afraid of rock impact. Furthermore, rental agencies and SUP schools invest in inflatables to help reduce board damage caused by renters and trainees. When well taken care of, these boards can last for many years owing to their solid construction. 

Reduces fatigue

When you stand on inflatable SUP boards, you will feel as though you are on an expensive rubber mat. The board makes your feet feel cozy and comfortable and you will feel relaxed. This will help to reduce the pressure and these benefits can be felt on your upper and lower body. 

To get the best inflatable stand up paddle board, you should look for one that is all-round and suitable for beginners and novices alike. These boards are ideal for individuals who wish to have fun and enjoy some gentle paddling. They can also be stored and transported with ease and will only occupy a small space. Keep in mind that your choice of paddling board will depend on your personal preferences and weight.