What Kind Of Garden Rooms You Would Be Selecting Now


Do you want to enjoy your garden and the outdoors all year round? Then a garden room is the perfect solution. The weather conditions in the Netherlands are variable and therefore it is not always possible to stay in the garden. A garden room makes it possible to enjoy the garden longer in different seasons. But what exactly is a garden room? And how do you organize it? We tell you all about it:

Is a garden room the same as a conservatory?

No. These terms are regularly confused. A conservatory is being built on a house and therefore serves as additional living space. As a result, a conservatory has ventilation and insulation. Unlike a garden room, which is also an enclosed space, it is not part of the house from an architectural point of view. A combined garden room and shed is not insulated, but it is rain and windproof. And ideal to enjoy the cooler spring, summer and autumn days just a little longer. With a small heater or a hater you can enjoy your garden even in winter.

What are the advantages of a garden room?

  • A garden room is cheaper than a conservatory.
  • It protects against all weather conditions.
  • The installation of a garden room only takes a few days.
  • In addition, it remains structurally separate from the house.
  • The facade of the house therefore simply remains intact.
  • Although a garden room is not insulated, it soon feels pleasantly warm.
  • You are out of the wind and because of the large amount of glass, a lot of heat comes from the sun.

Too hot?

Then you open the walls completely.

Involve outside

Because, in a garden room you can also use a stylish interior. Match the living style, colors, materials and furniture with the interior as much as possible. By extending the floor to the garden room, you create unity and your house looks bigger. Dress it up with accessories, paintings, lighting and a beautiful carpet. All furniture can also stand here well, the garden room is protected against weather influences.

Also in the garden room: green, green and green.

Here too plants give a lot of atmosphere. Take the plant species in the living room as a starting point and extend this to the garden room for a beautiful whole. Create a corner where you put different types of plants together, vary in the size of pots, get started with stools or plant stands and give it a playful twist. In addition to extra living comfort, a garden room is also perfect for growing your own fruit and vegetables or making cuttings from your favorite plant.

Give it a function

A garden room can be used for many purposes. A tip is to spar in advance about how you want to use it. Would you like to lounge or have a nice dinner with family and friends? Or both? By giving the space a function, you can search for furniture and accessories. Use airy furniture that creates a spacious feel. And what’s nice: you don’t necessarily have to use outdoor furniture, all types of furniture are possible.