How Versatile and Unique Custom Printed Boxes Are


Custom printed boxes are a cost-effective and easy way to improve your business brand, draw attention, and assist customers in easily recognizing your goods. Just think of the last product you bought online. Were there packaging materials or a “full package” printed on the box? If you guessed yes, then you’ve probably been suckered into buying a subpar product or not receiving the full value of what you ordered.

The problem with purchasing pre-printed boxes is two-fold. First, these boxes have limited life span and can be damaged easily by abrasion and moisture damage from storage. Second, your logo, promotional text, and contact information may be printed on a low-quality cardboard. Low-quality cardboard comes from a poor source, which means the boxes may not be completely stacked in one piece. Even if they are stacked in a single piece, they may not be evenly spaced out and may even be damaged. Most people who order custom printed boxes from a printing company use cardboard boxes, especially low-quality ones, because of the aforementioned issues.

So, what can you do to ensure that you’re using the best quality boxes with the most professional printing to get the absolute best impact for your brand? This is where custom packaging printing comes in. With a custom box made specifically for your product using high-quality flexographic printing equipment, you ensure the most durable, professional appearance for your product while also increasing its overall value. Whether it’s a standard cardboard box or specially made flexographic packaging boxes, you’ll have a product that stands out and has a powerful impact when it arrives at its destination.

Flexographic printing is a method that involves liquid coating on a surface and transferring that coating over a design with a brush. The technique, which was originally developed for fabric dyeing, can create a wide range of unique and innovative effects. To increase the versatility of custom printed boxes, you can purchase a ready-made box style from any printer; however, in many cases this isn’t always the case. Ready-made boxes and packaging can sometimes be limited in terms of both size and shape. In addition, printing companies often limit the size of the printing ‘stripes’ used, meaning that some shapes will not be readily available. You can avoid all of these complications by ordering custom printed boxes that are made to your specific shape and size specifications.

When you need to get the absolute best impact for your brand’s marketing, you should consider using custom printed packaging solutions. With this form of packaging, you not only get an affordable way to print attractive messages and images on a product packaging; you also increase the overall appeal and value of your product. With so much competition within the marketplace today, it’s important to make your presence known and set your product apart from the rest. Flexographic packaging printing allows you to do just that.

For years, large printing companies have provided customers with affordable custom printed boxes using off-the-shelf machinery, but with the introduction of the flexographic printing process, printers have learned how to take their business to the next level. Offset printing provides printers with the ability to produce extremely high-quality product packaging materials at a much lower cost. The result is a wide range of different printed packaging materials such as printed poly sheets, cardboard tubes, wire stock, and thermoplastics. You can use these to create stunning retail and promotional displays for your business or to provide a one-of-a-kind product presentation for your clients.