Thursday, February 22

5 Important Things To Keep In Mind To Increase The Transaction Success Rate Of Your Pay Form


The process of completing an online payment form is not often considered a popular recreational activity. There are certain forms that take an interminable amount of time to fill out, there are some forms that ask questions to which you do not know the answers, and there are some forms that just look untrustworthy or insecure. In point of fact, the lack of completion of particular forms by individuals is frequently attributable to the aforementioned unfavorable experiences. Your online pay form, on the other hand, does not have to be a bother to fill out if you take the time to incorporate a few important design elements and concentrate on the user experience.

1. Page design

While you are trying to maximize the number of people that accept your payment, having a design that is both attractive and simple to understand is essential.

Your consumers may become so frustrated that they decide not to complete their purchases if the checkout process is built in a way that is both confusing and disorganized.

To your relief, however, there are rules regarding what you can do to facilitate the effectiveness of your customer experience and, as a consequence, increase the percentage of customers who are ready to purchase your products or services.

2. Ask only essential info

Your checkout form shouldn’t be like an all-you-can-eat buffet, where you give customers a tonne of options to pick from, or respondents were asked to fill out the information that isn’t necessary to complete the transaction. Many people are lazy. A person’s likelihood of carrying out an action decreases proportionately with the amount of time and effort required to finish the action.

Take the checkout section of your pay  form as an example: how many fields does it truly need? Name, e-mail address, credit card number, expiration date, and maybe a security code or CVV as well. There are a total of 5 fields in this area.

3. Security

Whenever it comes to conversion rates for pay forms, security is maybe the single most crucial aspect to consider. Imagine how many individuals feel when it comes to disclosing their credit card information, given that 29 percent of people say that security is one of their primary worries when it comes to disclosing their personal information on an online form.

In addition to not recording or retaining sensitive payment data on our end, you may have peace of mind knowing that the whole data transmission is SSL secured from beginning to end.

And when it came time to choose a partner for our payment platform, we had the interests of our users front and center. Stripe is a respectable and well-known brand in the payments industry. Stripe is compliant with the highest demanding level of certification that is offered in the payments industry. This demonstrates that security is taken extremely seriously by Stripe.

4. Mobile friendly

Did you guys know that by the year 2025, it is anticipated that over 75 percent of the population of the globe will access the internet only via the use of their smartphones? This may give the impression that it is impossible, but it is, in fact, an indication of the growing significance of mobile devices in our day-to-day lives. These technologies allow us to interact with other people, gain knowledge about the outside world, search for employment opportunities, and contribute to philanthropic initiatives.

Because of this, it is absolutely necessary that the mobile version of your online payment form be optimized. An unoptimized pay form could have an awkward appearance, might conceal some of the fields, or might just be difficult to use in general.

5. Auto-Fill Forms

Make use of the autocomplete function to make the process of filling out the pay form more straightforward and time-efficient. Customers are able to move more quickly through the checkout process when some fields are pre-populated with specific bits of info for them, which in turn reduces the likelihood of customer churn as well as cart abandonment.

To recap, if you want to boost the income of your online fundraising efforts while also improving the consumer experience for your clients, you will need an online payment form that is simple to use. Remember that the procedure should be kept simple as well as simplified; the challenge is to create it as simple as possible for the customer to fill out the pay form.