Thursday, September 28

Top Reasons Why Granite is a Popular Countertop


When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite remains the top choice for kitchen countertops for many nationwide. Granite countertops are all-natural, durable, and available in a variety of colors, unlike other countertop surfaces. This means that you can cover virtually every design preference out there. When it comes to understanding why granite has remained the top choice for countertops over the years, there are many reasons why.

Increases Value of Home

Whether you are searching for granite countertops Denver CO-based or another location, you can count on an instant increase in the value of your home. The first thing that many consumers ask for in a kitchen is granite countertops. If a person walks into a home with something other than granite, their disappointment is normally obvious. Granite continues to be the most popular choice for countertop materials since it is extremely durable and conveys luxury.

Additionally, you can expect a 100% return or more on your investment in granite when you are ready to sell your home. Granite countertops in your bath or kitchen can be the main thing that tips a buyer into buying a home.

Unparalleled in Style & Design

All granite is unique. There are no two pieces that are alike. Every slab, variation, and color has its own appeal and charm. Regardless of design style, there is a natural granite slab that will be in your home. They are available in rich earth tones to more basic gray and white tones.

While there may be many dramatic granite slabs and colors available, there may also be ones available in softer tones that are not as dramatic. If you are someone who prefers white marble patterns but is a bit hesitant because of the maintenance it requires, there are additional options to choose from.

Stain & Heat-Resistant

All you need to do to keep your granite looking beautiful is to use a soft cloth and gentle cleanser to wipe it down after each meal. Granite is resistant to staining, tough, and heat resistant if you happen to put a hot pan on it. If you are looking for an additional level of protection, you can easily seal your countertops. The process alone takes only 10 minutes and you will have given yourself a lifetime warranty against staining.

Long-Term & Affordable Investment

Granite countertops will last you a lifetime and probably longer. Even countertops that are way more costly than granite will have to be replaced at least twice in their lifetime. New kitchen and bathroom countertops are an important part of both the design and the function of the room. In both bathrooms and kitchens, they need to be crafted out of long-lasting and classic stone.

Every Slab is Unique

Finally, every granite slab is unique. With most man-made countertops, you will have to choose your selection based on a small sample that may not even represent what you will really receive. However, when you choose to have granite countertops installed in your home, you are giving yourself the freedom of seeing the entire slabs of natural stone and you can then choose to select the one you would like to be in your home.