The Cards and the Best Balances for You


The question of what to present for the New Year again becomes relevant. So far, before the holiday, a month and a half has remained and crazy excitement has not yet begun – it’s time to buy presents.

Gifts for the New Year 2020 show how attentive you were to your relatives throughout the year. If friends can give some kind of funny souvenir, then a gift for loved ones is worth considering he got she is very much closed to you then offer a vanilla card balance.

In order to choose a good gift for the New Year, you need to make a habit of writing down ideas or desires of loved ones in a notebook or phone during the year. At the end of the year, such a list will come in handy.

If in 12 months you haven’t gathered ideas on what to give to your relatives and friends for the New Year, these Facts have good options.

Low-Cost Hand Luggage Backpack

With the advent of visa-free travel in the country, Ukrainians began to travel more often. In addition, several low-cost airlines entered Ukraine, which make it possible to purchase low-cost air tickets, so a trip abroad is now even more real. On flights of these airlines you can fly with hand luggage, which is limited by certain parameters.

Fitness tracker

Everyone loves statistics that relate to its activity. How many steps have passed, what is the heartbeat, pulse – all this is in the fitness tracker. Also, such a device can well motivate to play sports.

Portable speaker

An irreplaceable thing for music lovers, who have refused using a PC at home, or, those who want to listen to music outside the apartment.


A thing, that belongs to the category of useful and practical gifts. Everyone needs headphones. Their choice depends on the person who is going to give. If this is a gift for lovers of apple gadgets, then depending on the budget you can give earpods or airpods.

Smart scales

The era of sports and healthy eating has come. People visit gyms, swimming pools, try vegetarianism and a raw food diet. All this is done in order to keep your body in shape and maintain health.

Smart scales will help to control this process in a modern way. All weight data will be synchronized with a smartphone or fitness tracker.

Action camera

The gift is suitable for travelers and just those who are interested in shooting.


A good gift for friends or younger relatives. Learning to play the ukulele is very simple, and its sounds are not annoying even in the learning process.

If you don’t really want to study, then the ukulele can become a nice decor for the apartment.

Power bank

Another indispensable thing in the modern world. People use to spend lots of time in their smartphones – they read, watch TV shows, take pictures, shoot videos, pay in stores and communicate on social networks. Due to such activity, few gadgets can withstand a day without recharging.

Additional batteries are useful for travelers who go savage to the mountains or the sea. In such conditions, it is rarely possible to charge the phone.