What are invisible ink and the best lens to view it?


Invisible ink is also called luminous ink and can be used in the making of magic cards that can be used in anything. Mostly people use this type of ink in poker cards, and it can also be used to write a secret message on paper or even on the wall.

The cards which have markings from this ink is called marked poker cards, and these are found majorly online. And you can even buy it offline, but it is more difficult to find in a shop while you can get it easily from the internet.

You can buy marked cards from MARKED CARDS POKER, which is a website that is officially hosted by their server and listed different types of cheating products and also those products which are called anti-cheating that can help you to catch cheater directly.

You can view this invisible ink marked cards contact lenses, and those cards which have good quality and are marked those markings on the card does not go easily as they are of very high quality and cannot be damaged or these markings cannot be viewed easily even if you try to bend these cards or even try to soak them in water and rub it near the marking to reveal it.

invisible ink -contact lenses with good quality

What is an IR contact lens?

The IR contact lens is a great option to view these markings, and you can even use this lens to catch cheaters and can even use this lens to even cheat in a poker game which is unofficial and not an official league or a competitive match.

There are different types of IR contact lens according to your eye color so that it is easy for you to view the different markings that are made on the card, and even you can use this lens to view the marking that is made on walls, paper, cloth, etc.

We use a technique called the sand which in our contact lens that helps us to preserve the frame that is put up in the contact lens so that you see the marking very clearly and not many companies use this technique as they don’t know the problem that occurs while using these contact lenses.

Many times there is a red line that comes on the back of the lens as it is not preserved correctly by the user or the company, and due to which the contact lens frame is wholly destroyed, and you cannot see the markings clearly anymore using that particular lens.

Instead of putting the lens in the box of tap water, we provide our customers with a bottle of clear water and also include a dropper in it so that you use only the particular amount of water mentioned in it so that you can preserve it for more time and also there will be no damage made to your product.

I hope you get the information you were looking for in this article.