Wednesday, September 27

How To Clean The Raindrop Chandelier?


If you have a chandelier at your house, you must be worried about cleaning them regularly. This raindrop crystal chandelier is necessary to enhance the beauty of a home but it is also essential to keep them clean. Otherwise, it will just destroy the beauty of the home. To keep them clean, it is essential for one to follow the five-step that has been given below. Apart from following the five steps, it is also necessary for the person to take all the necessary precautions so that nothing dangerous can happen.

Clean it in daylight

First of all, you, remember that you should be cleaning the raindrop crystal chandelier only when it is daytime. There is no hard and fast rule about the time at which they should be cleaned, yet it is advised to clean it in the broad daylight so that you do not have to switch on any electrical appliances while doing the work. You need to be very careful as electricity is something that can be dangerous to life. Keep all the switch off so that you do not get electrocuted.

Switch off the lights

Remember to switch off the switch of the raindrop crystal chandelier so that you do not get a shock. Make sure that the light is not on when you are cleaning it. If the switch is on, do not ever touch the spiral raindrop chandelier as it might be fatal and may prove to be injurious for your fingers or hand. Always take the precaution and switch off the light and let it cool down for a while and then touch it. Cleaning the chandelier is not going to be an easy task. You need to maintain a lot of precautions. Also, put a tape on the switch so that no one is able to switch on the chandelier accidentally.

Place a blanket

Once you have made sure that all the switches are off, place a carpet or a blanket just under the spiral raindrop chandelier so that when the pieces fall down if any, they do not get totally damaged. The small pieces of the chandelier will get collected in the blanket and will be saved from breaking. A chandelier is very costly and needs to be maintained, so do not try to clean the chandelier without taking the necessary precautions. The blanket that you have chosen should be of dark color if your spiral raindrop chandelier is a crystal chandelier.

Spray the solution

A homemade solution needs to be made where alcohol and water need to be mixed in equal parts so that a solution can be made which will be able to clean the raindrop chandelier easily. You need to remember to wear a glove because if your finger touches the prism of the chandelier, it might get cut or be seriously injured. Once you have worn the gloves and made the mixture, try to transfer the solution into a spray bottle so that it can be sprayed on the chandelier easily. If required take the ladder and climb on it so that you will be able to reach the chandelier easily.

Dry it

Once you have sprayed the solution, try to wipe it with a damp cloth. To get a damp cloth just get hold of any old cloth pieces, dip it into the water, squeeze out the water and use it to clean the pieces of the raindrop chandelier. Do not keep the chandelier without drying it as it might develop some spots on the pieces. Dry it under the fan and only they switch on the light.  Do not be I’m hurry but give it enough time to dry up. If the wind is not able to reach the raindrop chandelier, get hold of drying equipment.