Some fun facts about Melbourne


Let’s start with the boring stuff. Like what the city is called in everything but English, which is “Melbourne”. It’s named after a town in Somerset, England where one of its founders William Lamb was born.

Some fun facts about Melbourne:

– Melbourne has been voted as having the best coffee in the world 6 years consecutive years. That’s more than any other city!

– Many Melburnians complain about the weather, but it has been voted as having the most pleasant climate in Australia. It is always between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 Fahrenheit) and there is very little humidity compared to other major cities.  (That’s right, all you southerners can kindly go take a hike).

– Queen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in all of Australia and it has been going since 1878! It was not named after Queen Victoria, but instead, the “Queen” refers to the ship that transported goods from foreign countries bringing new crops back to Australia.

– Melbourne is home to the greatest number of museums in all of Australia.

– Did you know that all the street signs in Melbourne are written in both English and another language? There are 6 different languages with Mandarin, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Spanish being incredibly common alongside English.

– The world’s largest tram network is found in Melbourne. It has about 500 trams (that’s more than any other city).

– The first-ever game of cricket was played in the city at the Richmond Paddock (now Yarra Park) back in 1877. There are still cricket pitches there today!

– The MCG is one of, if not the most popular stadiums around the world and it is found right here in Melbourne. It is used for all sorts of sports, but most notably for cricket and Australian rules football (AFL).

– The national airline of Australia; Qantas, was founded in Winton, a small town near Melbourne.

– Did you know that the world’s tallest building outside North America is the Eureka Tower in Melbourne? It’s 297m/974ft tall.

– The Coles building (a supermarket chain) has an awesome spiral staircase that was designed by Escher! It is said to be one of the best examples of non-euclidean geometry in existence!

– For 30 years, the tallest and most famous (and perhaps prettiest) chimneys in Melbourne were built on top of the Gas and Fuel buildings. They were designed by Nadolski & Czyscinski.

– The world’s first Metre gauge railway line was laid down here near Sandridge (now Port Melbourne). It opened in 1854 and connected Melbourne to the nearby station of Sandridge (now Port Melbourne). It was the first-ever line for passenger travel in Australia.

– The Post Office Clock Tower stands 120m tall and remains one of the more famous buildings from Melbourne’s skyline.

– There are many bridges in Melbourne, but did you know that it is home to the second-longest river in the world? That honor goes to The Yarra River.

– There are many awesome buildings in Melbourne, but did you know that there is a statue of Steve Irwin called “The Crocodile Hunter” which was built by his wife Terri Irwin after he died? It stands at the entrance to the Melbourne Zoo.

– The world’s largest Greek Orthodox Church is located in Melbourne, and it is called the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church. It stands 210ft tall and can hold up to 1,200 people!

– Did you know that there are more bikes than cars in Melbourne? There are over 200km/125miles of bike paths here for you to traverse!

– Melbourne is home to the first-ever indoor Speakers Corner. It was established in 2012 and it has been a huge success since then. If you’re curious, try checking it out sometime.

– The Royal Exhibition Building and its grounds hold so much history that they were granted UNESCO world heritage status back in 2004.

– Did you know that there is a replica of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’s famous ship, in Melbourne? You can actually go inside and see it.

– There are more than 200 nationalities living in the city of Melbourne – did you know this makes up almost half of all Australians?

– The National Gallery of Victoria has one of the most impressive art collections in all of Australia and houses many works from famous Australian artists such as Sidney Nolan, John Brack, and Charles Blackman.

– If you want to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral for free, you should do it on Tuesday evenings because entry is free at this time! It is home to some amazing stained-glass windows and it’s one of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks.

– Did you know that the National Sports Museum has more than 30,000 sports-related objects? They are constantly updating their collection too.


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