You Should Opt for Cheap SSD Hosting Right Now


New to the market, solid-state drives (SSD) have changed the way information is stored. SSDs use microchips to store data. It contains non-volatile flash memory which makes it a secure storage device. This is because even if there is a break in the power supply, the information will remain unharmed.

Popular websites like WordPress actively use SSD hosting for the display of their data. Cheap SSD hosting is great for websites with large amounts of display data because it improves SEO and user interface. It has several advantages.

Advantages of SSD Hosting

  • The loading speed of a website significantly increases. It can go up to 6.0 GB/s.
  • There are no tangible or movable parts. Data can be retrieved faster than ever.
  • Large amounts of traffic can be easily handled.
  • SSD doesn’t crash; it prevents further writing. This way previous information isn’t lost.
  • The upload speed involved in SSD hosting is spectacular. Weighted files like videos and other media can be uploaded swiftly for a better user experience.
  • Environmental factors such as shock, high and low temperatures, and vibrations don’t affect it. This is because it has no moving parts.

These features are what give SDD an edge over HDD. A hard disk drive (HDD) is the more traditional device using a magnetic storage unit. These are built into the devices and work on rapidly rotating disks. The faster the rotation, the faster data can be stored. It is important to know the difference between the two.

Difference between SSD and HDD

  • HDD’s operating system boot time is 30-40 seconds, which longer than SSD’s 10-13 seconds. File opening is faster with SSD.
  • HDD involves physical spinning disks that create vibrations and clicking sounds. SSD has none of these things.
  • There is a lot of heat generated by an HDD which harmful to the host device. SSD has little to no heat generation.
  • The magnets in HDD can erase the data, but SSD doesn’t have such risks.

Another difference would be the cost. HDDs are comparatively cheaper than SSDs. Now, however, there are cheaper options available. Don’t hesitate in choosing the right cheap SSD host for the website!