Thursday, September 21

Debunking 8 Myths About Online Rummy


Have you ever played rummy on the internet? Or do you hesitate about it because of believing in a few myths, which would of course discourage anyone from exploring the online gaming platforms. Below, we have listed myths associated with online rummy, and debunked each one of them. After going through the post, you will realize that playing rummy on the internet is never a bad idea. Also, it is completely safe to do so.

Myth 1: It is Unsafe to Play on the Internet

Due to rising cyber crimes, people have genuine concerns for their privacy and security when entering the virtual world. In fact, there could be many websites just to trick people into parting with their wealth in fraudulent manner. However, this may not hold true for all. Especially, gaming websites that are reputable, will not dupe you off your money.

Thus, it is extremely safe to play rummy on websites such as Khelplay Rummy and likes. This website has privacy protocols and keeps your profile secured. It does not let any third-party infringe upon your intellectual property.

Myth 2: Your Information Gets Stolen

It is a common myth that websites offering card games sell email ids and phone numbers or other details of their registered members to other companies. Such data mining myth is something you should not believe in, and not generalize every gaming platform as one that is bound to commit fraud. Most of the popular gaming websites will never reveal your details to anyone else and have all the technical aspects in place to protect against hacking or untoward cyber thefts.

Myth 3: It is all a Sham

Many wonder, how one can earn from gaming. Is it true that you can play rummy online for cash and earn a prize amount? Yes, it is all true and definitely not a sham. You will get the prize amount if you are one of the winners of the cash games. The prize amount depends on the number of participants, your position in the winning circle, and terms and conditions of the play.

Myth 4: You Can Play Only on Making a Payment

There is a false belief that you have to pay to access the game. But, actually you can access online free rummy games and enjoy without spending a penny. Practice and free games are available on every rummy website. But, if you want to participate in cash games, then you will have to make a deposit. Otherwise, there is no compulsion of adding any money to the account to play the game.

Myth 5: There is a Cheat Code for a Win

People usually think that a rummy card game is rigged and people can apply some technique to bend the rules of the play. That is however impossible. The gaming websites follow a strict set of rules and no one can take undue benefit of anyone. There is no way to get around a game by any false tricks that are not a part of the rulebook. Rummy is a skill-based game, and there is no ounce of luck or any foolery that can give you a win.

Myth 6: You Can Bend the Game Rules

Like stated above, there is no way you can bend the rules of rummy by any means. You must know how to play rummy to play the game right. You cannot create a certain rule just because you want the game to flow in a particular manner. There will be specified time limit for every move. Everyone has to play on their turn. There will be specific number of penalty points applied on dropping a game in between, and henceforth.

Myth 7: You Will Always Lose Money

When you write an examination, there is no guarantee you will get good grades, until and unless you did write your exam well. Similarly, if you are not one of the winners in a tournament or game, the amount you spend in buy-in to participate, will not be refunded. However, the prize amount is a lot greater than the buy-in amount, and all the terms and conditions are clearly mentioned in cash games. So when you want to play rummy online real money, its best to go through the tourney details.

Myth 8: Tournament Winners Are Pre-Selected

It is completely untrue that tournaments winners are pre-decided. A player has to work hard and play accurately to grab a win. Whoever declares the game first in a valid way, is the winner. There are no ifs and buts to it. So, tourney players are never pre-selected. The players have to work their way up from a round to next to reach the finale.

Final Words

Until you play rummy online, you will not experience its transparency. It is easy to listen to rumours, as people often do not have experience in playing on the internet. So, getting carried away by myths is possible. But you must verify all these claims and run a fact-check and know for yourself what you are getting into when registering on any gaming platform.