Málaga & Marbella 2021: What Can To Expect From Each Destination!  



Spain is undoubtedly one of those places where tourism can be considered one of the crown jewels; Among the variety of landscapes and experiences that it can offer to any visitor, there is no doubt that the Iberian Peninsula has something to please every taste.

In this section is where the cities of Malaga and Marbella, neighboring and almost sister, are specialists; offer varied experiences that target all types of audiences.

Traveling to Malaga or Marbella: What can I expect from each one?

Although both cities are quite close to each other, the truth is that the travel experiences that can be found in both are aimed at audiences with different tastes or expectations.

First of all, it should be noted that both cities are part of the area known as “La Costa del Sol”, so in both we can expect fairly mild climates even during the winter season. Another similarity that we can expect between the two cities is how well prepared they are to receive visitors.

Both Malaga and Marbella are considered reference points when it comes to tourism, therefore, from the arrival of visitors to the international airport of Malaga there will already be facilities for visitors not only to communicate in multiple languages, but also to move around. around the two cities. Even the Malaga to Marbella transfer services make things easier for any visitor.

Marbella: VIP experiences all around!

The truth is that the main feature that distinguishes Marbella from its neighboring city is the type of experiences that can be found. In this respect, Marbella is much more extravagant and partying than its neighboring city.

This characteristic of apotheosis is evident in the most famous places in Marbella such as the famous “Golden Mile”, where not only are there houses belonging to royals from all over the world, but also top-of-the-range sports cars can be seen walking through the streets and yachts of all sizes arriving at the docks to buy in the stores of the best and most exclusive brands.

Malaga: A family friendly & summer fun destination

On the other hand, Malaga stands out from other tourist destinations not only because of its mild climate almost all year round (something difficult to find in these latitudes), but also offers a wide range of options in terms of places and activities for visitors.

And it is that throughout the entire city there are always countless museums, galleries and theaters that open their doors to the public, and there are even guided (and free) visits to many of these places. However, Malaga also offers some of the best places to visit the beach in the entire Iberian Peninsula, as well as a fairly cosmopolitan experience in its lively nightlife scene.