Know all About Buyer’s Agents


A buyer’s agent is a professional who works in the field of real estate. He guides a buyer to purchase a home. He is the representative of the purchaser when it comes to real estate transactions. A buyer’s agent is legally obliged to protect the interests of the buyer and to make sure that they are getting the best deal in the market. However, some real estate agents specialise in working with buyers’ agents based on specific transactions.

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Buyer’s Agent Vs. Listing Agent

During a real estate transaction, two real estate agents are usually involved. They are buyers’ agents and listing agents. The buyer’s agent works for the buyer while the listing agent represents the seller.

The buyers agent would show interest in supporting the buyer and help them navigate through the real estate landscape. It could be by finding various listings and catering to the needs and requirements of the buyer. The listing agent is responsible to list out property for the seller. The listing agent also known as the seller’s agent is responsible to look out for the seller by making sure that they get the best terms possible during the sale of the property.

Functions of a Buyer’s Agent

The buyer’s agent takes care of the following tasks:

Finding Listings: At the beginning of the process, the buyer’s agent would ask the buyers regarding their preferences and needs to decide the ideal home they wish for. That information would be then used to begin the search for appropriate homes. As new listings are made available in the market, the agent would inform the buyer regarding property details that would match the requirements of the buyer.

Scheduling Showings: The buyers would go through the listings the agent sends them and pick the ones they would like to view. The agent would then get in touch with the listing agents for sellers and schedule a time for the visit. The buyer would then tour the property. The buyer’s agent would also inform the buyer regarding any other houses that might interest them.

Asking and Providing Answers for the Queries: The buyers agent Melbourne would usually plan to go according to the buyer’s opinion and check for any interesting houses that are up for sale. When the buyer is checking out the property, the buyers can give answers to any of the questions inquired by the buyer. He can also provide thoughts about the property based on what they know about the property.

Pricing Consultation: Once the buyers find a property they seem to be interested in, the buyer’s agent would ask the listing agent regarding any disclosures on the property. If there are any potential issues, the seller should reveal them to the buyers. However, it will affect the desirability of the home or the pricing.

Negotiating with the Listing Agent: Once the offer is made on the BIOS behalf the buyer’s agent would negotiate the terms as well as the price. The agent would later inform the buyers about any counteroffer that has been made by the seller and then consult with them whether to accept the deal or make changes to the same.