Online Purchase And Recycling Of Catalysts


To reduce the emission of automotive gases, manufacturers have emitted a catalyst in the exhaust system. Like running machinery, accessories, and car parts, this device can also be damaged over time. It can be replaced, but it contains rare and precious metals, gas residues, etc. A used catalyst can be recycled. There are companies online that buy out a broken car catalyst.

What Is A Catalyst? How Does It Work?

In the automotive world, the catalyst is placed on the exhaust system line, between the engine and the muffler. Also called a catalytic converter, it is used to reduce the emission of exhaust gases. Its role is also to convert these gases into products that are less harmful to the environment. The catalyst is made up of a steel shell, and a ceramic core contains precious metals such as platinum or rhodium, to allow the reaction. However, it requires to heat up to over 400 ° C to activate the transformation. This is why it is located just after the engine to speed up its heating time.

The fuels and engine oils are transformed at the catalytic converter. These substances do indeed contain chemical elements that escape in the form of gas. For a diesel engine, the catalyst converts fuels and carbon monoxide into water and carbon dioxide. For a gasoline-powered car, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are converted.

But the operation of this device is limited to more or less 100,000 km, depending on the range and make of the car. Also, hydrocarbons contain solid impurities that can clog the pores of the catalyst. There is then a risk of damaging the vehicle’s engine because of which, it is better to change it and recycle it by buying the car catalyst online.

How Does The Online Catalyst Buy-Back Work?

Several online platforms offer the buyback of catalytic converters or per piece grading for catalytic converter. For example, to find one type: ‘Catalyst buyout’ in the search box of Google.

You can request more information on the buyer’s site. It is also possible to know in advance the catalyst’s estimated cost by asking on the site. However, this value depends on several parameters conditioned by each platform (model, metal content, reference, number of catalytic converters in your possession, etc.).

An employee collects the catalytic converters from you if the sale is concluded. But you can also send them by parcel to the address mentioned by the manager of the platform. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the collector. Payment is made upon receipt of the products. But sometimes, the price of the catalyst is reassessed according to its condition upon receipt.