The Ultimate Guide to Adventuring in Walla Walla


Walla Walla is the home to fabulous foods, wines, beers, ciders. Not only will visiting or living in Walla Walla provides lots of opportunities to quench your thirst and satiate your hunger, it offers outdoor activities from their vast park system to nearby mountains, lakes, and rivers. Running trails, hiking paths, and cycling routes weave through Walla Walla’s natural beauty.

With so many options, let’s explore more with a guide to adventuring in Walla Walla.

Helicopters and Wine

Due to Walla Walla’s lush soil, wineries for all tastes are located here. With well-over 100 wineries there are varietals and blends sure to please all wine lovers. Views of wineries are fabulous from a car, bike, or on foot. Add to your sense of adventure and behold the vista from above.

Helicopter tours of vineyards are available in the Walla Walla area. Hop aboard and get an extraordinary vantage point to see the beautiful countryside. Many of the tours will land at a couple of different wineries. So, not only do you explore Walla Walla from the air, but you also sip on delightful and locally grown wine. To complement the wine, you will enjoy a tasty lunch or snacks that enhance the notes of flavors of the wines.

Swimming, Biking, and Running

Another option for adventure seekers is the Onion Man Triathlon held each spring in Walla Walla. If all three events are more than you’d like to complete, teams can join the competition as well as individuals. This is a great way to see and experience the natural landscape of the area.

Swimming will bring you to Bennington Lake. As with all sanctioned triathlons, the swim will be 1.5 km, which is two loops around the beautiful lake. The water will be chilly, so wearing a wetsuit is strongly suggested.

The 40 km bike event will let cyclists enjoy the foothills of the incredible Blue Mountains. A breathtaking view of the valley is on display as participants pedal on Scenic Loop Rd. After completing the journey, a 10 km run will loop through Rooks Park.

Lifting off in Balloons

Another ultimate adventure takes you floating above the picturesque mountains, views of farmlands and vineyards, and rolling hills are hot air balloons. You can also view the historic downtown area of Walla Walla as you drift through the clouds. Many balloonists schedule flights just before sunrise when the weather is calmer. Sunset tours, weather dependent, can also be scheduled.

For those who aren’t sure of lifting off, there are balloon festivals in the area as well. In May, the Walla Walla Balloon Festival is a terrific event. You can opt to grab a ride or enjoy the glorious sight of a sky filled with colors. The Night Glow, with the balloons lit up, is not to be missed.

October offers another balloon experience. From Thursday to Sunday, Howard-Tietan Park is the location for the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede. In addition to balloon rides, there are games, food, and drinks for all ages. Grab your camera for pictures of over thirty balloons floating in the skies over Walla Walla.