How to Spy on Someones’ Mobile Phone as a Listening Device


Have you ever watched spy movies before wanting to pull off a James Bond by wiring a room and listening in on a conversation? Every one has, of course, for their own little reasons. Spying on a phone without ever touching it may sound to you like something only the FBI or CIA do, right? Wrong. You don’t need to have sophisticated hi-fi spyware gear to listen to a conversation being held far away, all you need is a phone and an application inside it. It is far easier than most of us think. You can track anyone remotely without ever laying a finger on someone’s phone and know what they’re talking about around the device. Here’s how.

JJSPY software

A multipurpose software application with diverse functionality, JJSPY spy app is the go-to option that offers you a complete set of track, spy and monitor programs. You can use it for eavesdropping on someone by turning their phone into a listening device and listen to what’s happening in the surrounding area. It is available to iOS users.


Download and install the FlexiSpy software on your own phone then download it in the target phone and validate it. Make sure the target phone has an active, working internet connection. You can turn the target device on by using your own phone and sending it an SMS. The target phone will successfully turn into a listening device.

TheOneSpy software

The Mic bug of the highly powerful cell phone monitoring app TheOneSpy can very easily activate the microphone of the target Android smartphone and transmit it to you without even needing an SMS to activate. The app is very user-friendly and its control panel allows you to turn the whole target cell phone into a data transmitting high-quality microphone.


Log in to your TOS account and from the control panel select the MIC Bug feature. Specify the duration that you want to listen to. Your command will be sent directly to the target phone activating its microphone and transmitting the audio to your phone.

BlurSPY Android Spy

Originally for parental control but one of the best in business, the Android Spy app for Android smartphones with its great features and optimized user-interface is a wonderful monitoring tool. It offers a feature called Turn On Mic which enables you to remotely listen to anything that happens around your target device.


The first thing you have to do is install BlurSpy on two Android devices that will both be used to execute your spy operation. One of them will be kept by you and the other one will be the target device. Then you will have to activate the Turn Mic On feature on your device to start the audio streaming.


Spyera is a very complex and powerful app. It’s not just a mobile application, it’s a whole smartphone itself. It can use the microphone on a device of your choosing and force it to send the audio of what’s happening in the surrounding straight to you. Not only does it turn a phone into a listening device, but it also makes it accessible for you to view its instant messages, texts, images, etc.