Wednesday, September 27

What Are The Differences Between Hardwood and Laminate Flooring?


Hardwood flooring is considered as a superior option for the floors. The laminate flooring is an inexpensive option to get the look of hardwood flooring. Both laminate and hardwood floors are good with their benefits. They have a unique set of values that becomes people find attractive and opt for them. Hardwood flooring is made of flooring boards. These boards have a thickness of 3/4 inches and are gifted with a smooth top surface.

Laminate flooring is created with a core layer of fiberboard, which is made of wooden by-products. After this, comes the design layer with various print work and it resembles wood or any other material. The design layer is further coated with a hard-wear clear layer with good resistance power from stains and scratches. In this article, we would discuss more the differences between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring.

Basic differences between laminate and hardwood floors

  • The overall look

Hardwood floors are very attractive and therefore they are the premium building material. They deliver undeniable prestige to the user and offer the best appearance. The cheap variants of real hardwood are preferred than any other premium species.

Good quality laminate flooring resembles the real wood finish. The supreme laminates have a random pattern and a surface grain texture that gives the flooring a realistic look.

  • Heat and Water-resistant

Hardwood is usually not recommended for wet areas. Standing water and floods can damage the flooring. It is also not recommended to install hardwood flooring upon radiant heating systems. Too much heat would shrink the boards and open up the joints.

Laminate floors are water-resistant, however, too much water would create joints between the planks and the fiberboard may swell up and chip. Laminate flooring can be installed on radiant heating systems.

  • Durability

Even your floor contractor would accept the fact that hardwood flooring can last for a lifetime and even longer. It needs to be refinished and recoated periodically and it should be done by skilled professionals.

Laminate flooring is moderate in terms of resistance from damage impact. You can expect a laminate flooring to last for 10 years. The lifespan gets shortened due to scratches and infiltration.

When you ponder what flooring to be used for your home, these differences would help you make a decision. You can well understand what your home needs.