Do You Miss Your Flights Often? Then You Need These 5 Tips


Whether it is a business trip or leisure travel, missing your flight can be the final nail in the coffin. It is best to pre-plan for your flight and prepare a handy checklist. Keep scrolling to read about useful tips on how to avoid missing your flight!

People miss their flights more often than you’d think. There are many factors to consider when you are planning for your flight, such as how much delay can be caused due to traffic? To make your travel plans successful, here are some tips on how to never miss your flight again!

  1. Avoid Early Morning Flights: Early flights may be cheaper, but if you are used to snoozing your alarms, an early-morning flight may not be your cup of tea. It is also not the most convenient time to fly while you are still gathering your wits in the morning. You may end up forgetting an important document or belonging that you need for your travel. Another challenge is to find a cab or transport service very early in the morning. Hence, it is better to book a flight with a departure time that suits your lifestyle.
  2. Stay Near the Airport: Staying near the airport is a fool-proof plan if you don’t want to miss your flight. When travelling, book a comfortable and inexpensive stay near the airport. Most airports have hotels or guest houses near them that can be availed at affordable rates. This is very helpful, especially when your flight takes off in the morning. You can continue your work for the day from your hotel and not worry about missing your flight.
  3. Early Arrivals Can Enjoy the Airport Lounge: If you are unsure about the delay that can be caused due to traffic on your ride to the airport, you can always arrive a few hours early. An airport lounge is a comfortable space to relax before your flight, and you can enjoy the amenities available there. The airport lounge is especially beneficial for leisure travellers who like to be well-rested before their trip. And if you are part of a travel loyalty program or own a credit card that offers this, you can get lounge access for free.
  4. Purchase Travel Insurance: If you are uncertain about catching your flight, purchasing travel insurance is the right step for you. You can purchase travel insurance from your airmiles program or the airline website you used to book your ticket. It is also important to notice what areas are covered by your insurance. While most travel insurance does not cover if you miss your flight due to running late, they do provide you assistance if you cannot board your flight due to sudden illness or in case of an accident.
  5. Book Your Ride to the Airport in Advance: It is not smart to rely on public transport if you want to catch your flight on time. Public transports have multiple stops and can cause a great delay. It is crucial to check all your available cab options and book your ride in advance to help you avoid the last minute-bustle before your flight. This also gives you a chance to compare and choose a cheaper and reliable transport service to save money for your travel plans.

You should also stay vigilant and be aware of any changes in your scheduled flight departure. You can also look for PNR status of your flight to keep updated with the departure time and changes if any. For instance, you can easily check Spicejet, Vistara or Indigo airline PNR status online on airlines websites or even 3rd party sites. Thus, keep a note of these points and make sure you don’t miss your flight anymore.