Choosing the Right Bridal Package for Your Needs


Convenience is usually the selling point for bridal packages Singapore. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Always keep in mind that the best bridal package is one that emphasizes the elements of the wedding that are most significant to you.

So, even if you are the only one who can decide what you want for your wedding, there are steps you can do to make it simpler for you to select the correct package.

Here are some ideas to think about:

Decide on what you want

Make a list of the elements of the bridal package and the studio you’ll be working with that you want (and need). Some crucial inquiries to make include the following.

  • Are you planning to rent a wedding gown?
  • Do you already have a makeup artist in mind that you’d want to work with directly, or will you require one?
  • Have you have a flower shop? Will you be purchasing your own accessories?

What does a package from a typical bridal shop Singapore include?

Various bridal shops include various products in their bundles.

However, the majority center on issues like these:

  • Gown rental (wedding attire, tea “kuan kua” attire, and evening gowns)
  • Accessories for brides
  • A rental suit
  • Wedding Makeup (trial, Photoshoot, actual day)
  • Corsages
  • Flower bouquet
  • Pre-wedding photography (indoors, outdoors, abroad, and locally)
  • Selected photo prints (pre-set limit) (in CD-rom)
  • Personalized photo album
  • Framed photographs for walls or tables
  • Extras such as father/mother/bridesmaid clothing, signature books, ferris wheel photo decorations, and car decorations

Decide on a Budget

This can help you figure out the price range of bridal studios and packages. Together, you should sit down and talk over your budget for the wedding, taking into account other costs you will have to pay.

Do Your Research

Research is the key to success. You need to find out more about different bridal studios by:

  • Obtaining some opinions and suggestions from your friends and coworkers
  • Searching online and examining each bridal studio’s webpage to determine whether it is expertly made and appears trustworthy
  • Examining online reviews to see what other people have said about each studio
  • Exchanging information by joining forums or Facebook groups, and you can even ask other newlyweds about their experiences working with particular bridal studios.

Get multiple options

Get multiple opinions and sources before making a decision rather than basing it solely on one.

Also, let them know up front what you require from your package so they may perhaps create something especially for you.

Ask lots of questions, and whenever you are uncertain, always seek clarification.

After going through the process, you’ll undoubtedly find the ideal bridal studio and package for your special day that fits your requirements and price range!

You can concentrate on other aspects of your wedding planning now that you’ve made your decision and know you’re in capable hands.