Growth of Real Estate in India and its key players


The real estate sector is on a constant boom walking in line with the ever-increasing population of India. Urbanization and increase in living standards have propelled the real estate sector to new heights. After agriculture, real estate is the second highest employment generator in India.

The real estate sector in India is projected to grow exponentially and it also attracted 5 billion USD in foreign institutional investment in 2020. With the increasing demand for residential, commercial and office spaces, the real estate sector has become an attractive investment opportunity for many. The attraction of the consistent growth of the real estate sector is widespread amongst the people. SEBI has even approved the Real Estate Investment platform so that the common man can invest in the prosperous future of real estate in India. 

The real estate sector has attracted the construction of various types which is being helmed by many big players as well as the budding construction companies. These few key players dominate the Indian market and have helped in bolstering the real estate sector along with furthering the economy, creating human resources and developing the infrastructure in underdeveloped areas. The massive competition in the real estate sector has led to various innovations and efficient utilization of the limited resources. Some of the key players in this area are DLF, Supertech, Oberoi Realty and The Ambience Group to name a few.

One of the most notable players is The Ambience Group.  A company that started with residential projects in 1986 has now successful created a legacy of quality infrastructure in residential, commercial, SEZs, hospitality and education sectors. The Group has a major presence in the Delhi – NCR region and provides a luxurious experience at their properties. Through a pool of residential as well as commercial projects, Ambience Group has always proven itself at par excellence. With the continuous expansion of The Ambience Group into profitable ventures, it looks set to lead the real estate sector and its key player’s list.