Saturday, September 23

Why you should do a criminal check on a blind date


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Dating is hard. Everyone has their preferences, and they’re usually chock full of red flags. Things you see that are just unacceptable in a partner. Double dipping, chewing with their mouth open, kicking dogs. If someone does any of these things, it can be pretty hard to date them. But you know what else makes someone hard to date?

Homicide. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I’m comfortable hanging out with, let alone dating someone who’s taken a life. There are lines you don’t cross, and that’s one that most sensible people plan on avoiding. But, there’s a problem; very few murderers are open about the fact.

So, how can you save yourself the time)and possible danger) of dating a murderer unknowingly?

A criminal record check is almost certainly your best bet. On a criminal record, is every offense recorded by law enforcement, from minor misdemeanors like vandalism, to major felonies like manslaughter. Not only can a criminal record check reveal these things to you, but you can also use it to view when they happened. A guy who committed manslaughter 30 years ago may very well be a changed man. Someone who was caught defacing a stop sign when they were 14 might have grown into a very responsible adult. As such, you’ll want to keep the time when their criminal record was changed in mind.

Can I access a criminal record during a blind date?

Yep! An online public records check is super easy and convenient to perform. All you need is the full name of your date, and you’re ready to benign searching for any criminal records. And, because the internet is awesome, you’ll be able to access many public records searches from your phone. This means that you can quickly search your date’s past at the most convenient opportunity, and use the information to inform your feelings regarding the date itself.

How reliable are online public records?

Very! While none of us want to be falsely accused of something, a criminal record is not an accusation. If an item has earned its spot on a criminal record, it means that they have been found guilty in a court of law, and as far as the law is concerned, they are guilty.

Moreover, the data itself on an online public records search is almost always identical to the documents stored by officers of the law. But, rather than requiring you to wait days and spend several fees to acquire a criminal record, a quick criminal records search can turn up your query in moments, streamlining your investigation.

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