Thursday, September 28

Create Efficiency in the Warehouse by Maximizing the available Space


It is critical to maximize the storage space in a warehouse. Wholesalers and manufacturers who have minimal storage space are prone toinefficiencies in their workflow. It is a priority for management to mitigate the constant pressures to deliver the right product on time. An orderly flow of activities ensures that the company is efficient in service delivery. It leads to more sales and a higher profit margin. 

Industrial shelving is a solution to storage challenges for companies with limited spaces. The design of the system to use depends on the size and weight of the products. Revamping the warehouse needs the help of an expert in creating a layout for the plan.It is essential to employ high-quality shelving systems thatfocus on the needs of the facility. A flexible and modern solution to vertical storages is the boltless rack shelving Malaysia equipments.

Inventory Management

Storing items on the corridors and open spaces create disorganization. It will be impossible to locate items since there is no order in the arrangement. Accessibility to the inventory proves tasking because of the piling of stocks. 

Whenever items are moving slowly from the warehouse, business is prone to suffer. Investing in an efficient storage facility is an investment for the future. Eonmetall Group Berhad is a leader in the industrywith adequate expertise and experience in storage solutions. The shelving systems utilize the available space to increase the efficiency of warehouses. Other spaces can be transformed into storage areas using shelves too.  

Industrial Shelving

An efficient storage solutions company offers different kinds of shelving systems for clients to use in-house. Let us look at available options for industrial shelving;

  • Boltless Shelving;the system is simple rivets to interlock together while setting up. It needs a rubber mallet to install.
  • Steel Shelving;is a stronger storage system that can hold a huge weight load. It is a durable and reliable way to store heavy materials.
  • Pallet racking; the system uses beams of steel held together horizontally. Pallets on the beams are used to store items in an order. 

Maximizing the use of the Limited Space

A vertical extension of storage equipment will make use of the room space to the ceiling. Creating an additional floor is an innovative way of space utilization. Storing products according to needs will ensure that the racks and shelves are not overcrowded. Switching from a single to double rack allows the system to hold more items. Merchandises that are on a constant move can be arranged strategically in the warehouse. Employing a warehouse management system keeps track of the storage space. It offers guidelines on where to place each item. The transformation of underutilized areas in the room can create additional storage space.