Thursday, September 28

Top Cafes to Visit in SDA Market in Delhi


Long debates about whether the cafe scene in Mumbai is better than Delhi can be put to rest on a flight to the national capital. Even leaving out the posh establishments of South Delhi or the usual Connaught Place spots, the SDA market in the heart of the city, is enough.

Cafés and eateries sprouting from everywhere have catapulted Delhi’s SDA (Safdarjung Development Area) market to fame. Once a local residents’ market, the popular SDA market has become a great place for Delhiites to meet friends and just chill. The footfall has increased to such a degree that the story of its love affair with cafes remains a secret no longer.

Delhi’s SDA market has become one of the favourite hangout spots among students and professionals alike. A number of chic cafes and restaurants makes it a perfect place to have fun and spend date night with someone dear. 

Here is a list of the best cafes and restaurants in the SDA market that you can visit. To know more, read on:  

Honey and Dough

Smelling of great coffee, Honey and Dough is a café-cum-bakery that serves some of the best beverages. It has a wide variety of caffeine-based drinks. Mocha, Americano, Macchiato, and classic Espresso are some of the popular choices. Earl Grey Tea, Hot Chocolate, Green Coffee and Chamomile Tea are some of the more unusual choices that you can opt for. It also serves some amazing dessert and snacks to go with your coffee love, including Custard Éclair and Belgian Chocolate Waffle, which are a must try.   


Renowned for its brownies, chocolate and pastries, Theobroma is a big hit among foodies with a sweet tooth. The Mumbai-based patisserie is extremely popular among Delhiites and has been a good addition to the SDA market. When you next get on a flight to Delhi, do check out the counterpart of this Mumbai patisserie. Apart from divine brownies, there are milkshakes and flavoured iced teas to compliment the irresistible chocolates. 


Like every other market in the metropolises across India, SDA market also has its own Chinese-food joint. But there is something special about the Chinese cuisine of the capital, so be sure to bookmark this place even before booking your flight from Delhi to Mumbai. It serves typical, Indo-Chinese cuisine, from spicy momos, noodles to hot soups, you’ll get them here.  


The place offers the extraordinary combo of Beer and Biryani, which makes it an obvious choice. A nice vibe and a happening crowd of energetic people swarm the place to relax and satisfy their appetite. Besides, the restaurant offers an array of snacks to go with some affordable beer. 


Famous for its great coffees, Nofilter also serves great food. It’s a typical café with classic caffeine-based beverages that you can enjoy with your friends. The café has a nice vibe, making it a perfect spot for reunions and get-togethers. 

The Brew Room

A Mumbai to Delhi flight takes just about two hours. So, come back and check out this cafe that serves the best artisanal coffees. It is the perfect place to relax and bond with friends over mugs of exotic coffees. This cosy coffee shop has fast become a favourite among the coffee lovers. Specializing in coffees and experimenting, the cafe is a must-visit when you go SDA market.