Wednesday, September 27

How New Dating Niches Are Changing the Game


You’ve heard of the big names in app-based dating. Tinder. Bumble. But what if you’re not just looking for a hookup or a standard relationship, but rather something more specific based on your unique interests and personality?

Enter the hot new market for niche dating apps, which has only exploded since the pandemic led more people than ever to be socially starved and looking to connect with likeminded people.

Now, these apps allow people to connect over things like whether they eat a vegan diet, or whether they only want to connect with fellow dog lovers.

While this might seem on the surface like over-categorization, and many people can connect without sharing every last overly specific interest, there is something to this approach.

After all, people looking for not only hookups but lasting relationships can benefit from this approach. For example, if your pet is important to you, you probably want to form a relationship with someone who will respect that and may even bring their own passion for animals to the pairing.

Plus, keep in mind that dating apps were designed not to change the way people meet, hook up, and date, but to serve the trends that were already occurring around the globe. It’s no surprise that now they’re adapting to specific niches when it comes to people’s personalities and interests.

Former CEO Sean Rad has expressed in the past that he believes Tinder has never been about changing the way people interact, form relationships, or date, but rather acting as a tool for the way people are already wired to connect with each other. He’s often quoted as saying that people were ‘put on this earth to meet people.’ Sean Rad later had a slew of embarrassing interviews and confrontations with journalists, even personally attacking one who had written about his gaffes.

But Rad no longer speaks for Tinder. When Rad gave an awkward interview with the Evening Standard and confused sapiosexuality with sodomy, he was not speaking for the company., Inc., said that Rad was “not a director or executive officer of the company and was not authorised to make statements on behalf of the company”.

Don’t expect the big names like Tinder and Bumble to fall behind anytime soon. They’ve long anticipated an increased interest in more niche dating, and have built platforms that can easily scale up the features and offerings these smaller niche dating apps are beginning to pioneer. Expect them to stay competitive for years to come, as long as they remain committed to keeping up with hot trends in dating.