Know About the Handyman Packages in Westerville, Oh


A house is the greatest, and long-lasting possession one can have. It takes an entire life to save a penny and build a home for self. Owning a house is bliss and fruit of the hard work done in life. There is always a point when the perfectly built home starts to worn out and needs remodelling that takes away a part of one’s savings. What if the remodelling of the house does not cost more and also does not get tiring?

It would be an advantage if one sits and relaxes while repairing the house is taking place at an affordable price.

Handyman packages in Westerville, Oh Services provides with the dual-edge of easing up on and spending less on home servicing. Let us discuss it.

What is Ace Handyman Services?

They are a team for both interior and exterior handyman services. They help with all the repairs, upgrades, maintenance, remodelling needs, and many more. They consist of a team that is attentive to the client’s problems and provides appropriate solutions. They respect their work and are reliable and trustworthy. Their scheduling is quick, easy, and convenient and they provide guaranteed work.

They provide services like:

  • Home repairs and maintenance
  • Interior and exterior improvements
  • Interior and exterior repairs
  • Kitchen and bathroom repairs
  • Room remodelling
  • Ageing-in-place projects
  • Windows and doors, and many more.

Packages provided by Ace Handyman Services

Ace Handyman Services provides a good number of handyman packages in westerville, oh, for its clients so that they can choose a package according to their requirements.

Half-Day Package-

  • Four hours of professional handyman services
  • Quality work-man-ship and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Trained and multi-skilled craftsmen.

Full-Day Package-

  • Eight hours of professional handyman services
  • Complete home checklist
  • Quality work-man-ship and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Trained and multi-skilled craftsmen.

Mount a TV Package-

  • Professional installation and TV mount
  • Attach all cables and connections
  • Install a U-channel

Kitchen Fire Safety Package-

  • Professional installation of a fire suppression system
  • Professional installation of a stove shut-off system
  • Kitchen fire extinguisher and mounting
  • Clean after installation

Other packages like pet door, accent wall, kitchen backsplash, smart blinds, outdoor tune-up, organization and shelving, and many more are available.

A home is a place where one lives with their family and friend. Make most of it and upgrade the house with Ace Handyman Services. Love your home and make eternal memories.