Common Mistakes When Writing an Essay


If you started writing an essay or any other writing project, you need to know in advance what mistakes to avoid. You can also take a look at the review to learn about sites that can help writing a perfect essay.

Failure to comply with the structuring of term paper. At first glance, this error is from the category of fantasy, but alas, it is not. Students often allow themselves to omit “uncomfortable elements”. So, this is absolutely not permissible.

The volume of structural elements of the paper. This is a problem that can occur even with graduate students. The fact is that there are cases when their own research is rather small or the student does not yet have the skills to qualitatively analyze the materials received, so every effort is made to make the theoretical section as much as possible. Or, on the contrary, there is no theoretical material on the web, it’s too lazy to go to the library, and the fantasy is violent, there’s an asymmetry in the other direction. But in any case, you need to remember that the volume of each section must be kept with an error of 5-7% no more, but with the volume of sub-items, you can play as you like. This is very rare to find fault with.

When formulating tasks, a description of minor elements or even worse, a description of the tasks of writing a term paper, and not the study itself. Conducting a review of the literary sources of the course work in the form of a retelling, not a generalization or analysis.

Neglecting applications. In order for the volume of the essay to be completed, the student, as a rule, sacrifices this structural element in favour of the volume of the work itself, but this is also a mistake and in almost all cases it will be pointed out to you. Although, there are cases when applications are not needed – this should also be remembered.

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