Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Autumn


Getting your lawn ready for autumn can be a lot of work and even sometimes stressful.

But if you take the time to sit down and carefully plan it out step by step in the order that you wish to get it done, it can be quite a pleasant and definitely rewarding.

Begin by walking around your yard. observe it for any and all necessary repairs that you would like to get accomplished before the winter months get here. If you have a fence look for any rotten or just loose boards that may need fixed or even replaced. Once you do that you could put a clear protective coat of weather guard on it to help preserve it to last longer.

Check out all of your gutters. they may need to be cleaned from debris to prevent clogging. you will want your gutters to be able to drain freely.

If you have a pond that too will need your attention. give it a good thorough cleaning and cover it with a net of some sort to prevent more debris from getting in it.

You will also want to make sure you put away all of your outside furniture including your outdoor activity items such as nets for volleyball, and bat mitten.

You will want to cover up and put away your bbq grill where it is out of the weather to prevent rusting and damage.

You can plan ahead for some of your springtime gardening. To do this you can plant some bulbs. Bulbs are good to plant around September, but if you are a little later at getting this done they will still do just fine.

Keep your soil very well hydrated. Paying special attention to this with your plants that are in pots. You may notice that you have some plants outside that are very tender. you can bring those in for the winter. making sure you check real good for insects and snails.

Keeping all of your outside yard and garden tools nice and clean and sharp will make your outside work much more enjoyable and a lot easier.

You will want to look around the underneath parts of all of your trees bushes and shrubs, being sure to clean up anything that may be under them such as dead leaves and branches. Doing this will allow the sun shine to hit these areas preventing the grass from dyeing.

Next you will want to get out your rake and very gently rake around your grass. Doing this will stir things up a bit, allowing your grass to get better and allowing it to breathe better which will promote healthier shinier grass.

Then you will need to get out your lawn mower and give your grass a good cut. After cutting your lawn, you will need to use your weed eater and cut down all of the weeds along side and under your trees bushes and shrubs. You will also want to remember to use an edger to edge all up and down your driveway edges making it look nice and neat.

Now that you have gotten this far it’s a good idea to invest in some really good fertilizer. This will help your lawn to stay strong during the cold winter moths and also help keep it strong from the snow that will be covering it.

It can be hard to decide which lawn care treatment is the best but I highly recommend that you try using Lawn Care Tyngsboro. By using Lawn Care Tyngsboro your yard will be sure to remain weed free and keep you happy.