Cloud-based Collaboration Can Always Improve Your Teamwork and Work Efficiency


In any organization or startup, a teamwhocannot operate at the most efficient and collaborative level would have obviously contributed to a big loss in productivity that should have been avoided totally in the first place. Furthermore, it may have missed revenue opportunities and a decrease in customer satisfaction.

Hong Kong is an international city and it has been like this for many years going back all the way to the 80s. In a typical HK office regardless how small it is, you may well have quite a few local staffs who are Hong Kong permanent residents and have grown up from the HK society. You may also have in fewer numbers some expats or foreigners in which the employer has completed their Hong Kong visa application. This setup allows a great variety in cultures in the workplace. The chemistry that it would have produced from such setup may be unlimited.

Whether your HK company is a traditional business or a newer business, what actually got lost in work efficiency may be rescued by implementing some useful and powerful technologies. One such technology is to collaborate in cloud solution. Basically, cloud collaboration uses software and information stored on the web, while the traditional storage tends to store each team member’s digital work on a local computer. The improvement in higher technology enable a team to easily share ideas and work on the same documents regardless of where they are physically working from. Even your head office is based in Hong Kong, you may still have a few members working from for example, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai, Brussels, etc.

A typical cloud collaboration tool makes sharing of documents possible at all times whether a team member accessing the documents is working from home, traveling or needing a slightly more flexible work schedule around the clock (i.e. different time zones). Any change to a document that is hosted by the cloud solution is automatically saved and updated. This ensures ensuring the most recent version is always accessible to all the users. There is always a point when you add more people to the team, the teamwork gets more complex. When it is implemented effectively, a cloud collaboration tool is able to keep it simple and enable all the team members to stay on the same page with the most up-to-date information and progress of the projects.

Another advantage is the centralized control and security. A cloud collaboration can combine centralized document storage with access control with document creation and editing tools. The cloud solution should enable all types of teams to work together in a more fluid and effective manner.