5 Critical Steps In Starting Your Reseller Hosting Business


Starting a web hosting business as a Hosting Reseller does not require a heavy investment or technical expertise. Hence, in the current times, when the number of new websites being launched is exponentially rising, and the demand for website hosting services is on the rise, many people are launching Reseller Hosting businesses. However, like any other business, a Hosting Reseller business requires careful planning and preparation to succeed.

Today, we will share five crucial steps in starting your Reseller Hosting business to help you get started.

As a Hosting Reseller, you look for Reseller Hosting plans that suit your business goals. Then you use the resources provided to create hosting packages and sell them to your clients. This allows you to be a web hosting provider without having to spend on the infrastructure or manpower needed to run the business. You can choose between a Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting plan and HDD/SSD-driven plans.

Here are five important steps to help you launch your Reseller Hosting business:

1: Define your target audience

Web hosting is a competitive industry. With hosting companies, affiliates, and resellers trying to sell hosting services to site owners, a new business can find it difficult to find its footing. Also, with most large hosting companies spending a lot on marketing campaigns, resellers cannot compete with them when they begin. Hence, it is important to identify a smaller segment of the market that you want to cater to. This can help you focus on the segment, design packages customized to them, and offer support and value-added services to make your packages more attractive.

2: Assess your competition

Regardless of the market segment you choose, there will be a hosting provider/s already catering to it. Hence, before you start, assess your future competitors and look at the plans offered by them. This will help you create a hosting package that is better for your target clients and stand out from the crowd.

3: Choose the perfect Reseller Hosting provider

Since your hosting packages are based on the resources offered by the parent hosting company, the performance of your packages depends on that of the provider. Hence, it is important to find a provider that takes its reseller business seriously and offers features and benefits that can help you cater to your clients more efficiently. Also, ensure that you choose the best Linux Reseller Hosting (or Windows) for your site.

4: Set the right price for your packages

This is a very important step while preparing to launch a reseller web hosting business. For most site owners, web hosting is a nagging expense that recurs every year. Hence, they tend to look for affordable/cost-efficient plans. Once you have defined your target segment and assessed your competitors, create a pricing plan that is appealing to your clients while allowing you to keep the business sustainable.

5: Design a reliable customer support process

As a Hosting Reseller, one thing that can help you create trust among your clients is offering highly-efficient post-sales support. Web hosting is technical in nature, and site owners are likely to face some bug/glitch while managing their websites. Since you are the host for them, they would contact you and expect a resolution. If you have a reliable customer service process in place, then you will be able to handle such situations with ease.

You can also check out the following video that offers a beginner’s guide to starting a Reseller Hosting business:

Summing Up

Remember, Reseller Hosting is an excellent opportunity to establish a profit-making business. Follow the tips mentioned above and get started on the right note. Good Luck!