Excellent Social Movie In Telugu: Try Today!


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The movie Gyspy has been written and directed by Raju Murugan, and the producer of the movie is Ambeth Kumar. This movie was released under the banner of Olympia Movies. Santhosh Narayan has composed the movie’s soundtracks, and Selvakumar S.K. handled the cinematography, whereas Raymond Derrick Crasta dealt with the editing. The movie’s running time is 121 minutes, and it is starring Jiiva, Natasha Singh, LAL Jose, and Sunny Wayne, with Lal Jose playing the role of the antagonist.

In this movie, Gypsy (the character played by Jiiva) was a wandering musician and fell in love with a Muslim girl named Waheeda. Waheeda belonged to an orthodox Muslim family and went against her family to marry Gypsy. Their marital bliss, as well as their romantic journey, is affected by the contemporary political scenarios. Through the movie, the filmmaker tries to drop a message of social harmony into the package.

The protagonist of Gypsy is a nomad and was born into this lifestyle with no other choice of lifestyle. He was not brought up in a particular house, and throughout his childhood, he had to move from place to place. Gypsy is more in touch with nature and chooses to settle in places that he likes. He is fond of music and loves his horse. From all these details about the protagonist’s character, it can be said that Raju Murugram cares about the characters he creates.

Another feature that attracts many people to watch the movie is the various scenic beauties the movie represents. The viewers got glimpses of several scenic locations like Varanasi, Kashmir, Kerala, and it offers sheer visual delights to the watchers’ eyes.

In the end

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