The Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace


You have probably heard a thousand times that a business is only as strong as its weakest link. Investing in your employees is thus investing in your business. Most people would probably agree that training and development in the workplace are important, however, you might not know just how crucial it is for the growth of your business. Here are a few reasons why you should provide opportunities for your employees to help develop their skills.

Keeping your valuable employees

Employee retention is crucial to your business development. Not only is it inefficient money-wise if you have to keep replacing employees and training new ones all over again, but it can really affect your business if you keep losing valuable talents to your competition. Today, the job market is more dynamic than it used to be. People are less likely to stick to the same job for their whole life and young, ambitious individuals will not hesitate to leave you if they feel like their growth is stunted in their current position and you don’t care about their personal development. According to a report, 94% of employees are more likely to stay at their workplace longer if they have the opportunity to learn. So, it is clear that your employees will show their gratitude if you invest in their training.

Better performance

One of the most obvious benefits of employee training is that they will get to improve the skills they use in their work day after day. Of course, employees can get better by themselves over time. However, figuring everything out on their own takes a lot of time and effort, so this kind of development will be much slower and they might not have enough motivation and engagement to actually achieve it. Feeling like their skills are not advanced enough for their role will demotivate them, making their individual development efforts even more difficult. A bit of help in the form of training will boost their improvement infinitely and their performance will consequently improve as well. Developing their skills through training will allow them to be more confident in their decision-making and more productive in their work overall. What this means for your business is increased efficiency and possibly higher profits.

A happier work collective

According to the report we mentioned earlier, a considerable percentage of young workers (particularly Millennials and Gen Z) claim that having the opportunity to learn at their workplace is the thing that makes them happy above all. Indeed, a worker’s satisfaction and attitude can be greatly affected by how they feel like they are perceived, and failing to provide them with opportunities to grow will not make them feel valued. A poor attitude will affect their loyalty and commitment to your business, which also contributes to their likeliness of leaving your employ. Workers know that training costs money, so if they see you invest in their growth and development, they will develop a positive attitude towards you and your business. This will boost their morale and employee engagement, which means that they will become more involved in what they are doing, show more passion, and, overall, do their work better.

Staying on the edge

Today, the business world is extremely competitive and no business can afford to neglect constant development. If you want your business to stay on the cutting edge, training is the way to go. There are so many changes and new technologies on the market every day that the only way to keep up is by learning from professionals. Qualified training organizations have access to the best RTO materials out there and can provide your employees with the kind of education you might not have the means or resources to provide them with. So, seek out appropriate courses that target the specific skills your employees need improvement in.

Independent and empowered

As a business owner, hovering is never a good idea. However, if you don’t trust the skills of your employees, you will always feel the need to micromanage. Needless to say, micromanagement is often the downfall of businesses. It destroys any possible trust between you and your employees, it hinders their independence, and ultimately, it irritates and stresses your employees out. Appropriate training can prevent this complex problem from wreaking havoc on your business. Invest in your employees’ development and you will be able to rest assured they have the knowledge to do their work. Their new knowledge, as well as a sense of trust, will empower your employees and make them more independent. This will make them great candidates for taking on bigger responsibilities and possibly higher positions down the line.

Training your staff is a great way to fortify your business regardless of its size. It builds a stronger work collective that will be able to keep up with both the growth of your business and the rapid development of the industry. It also ensures employee satisfaction which will result in more motivated and committed employees who will be more productive and help drive business growth.