Why Should You Introduce Volunteer Work To Your Kids In Singapore 


Most people think volunteer work in Singapore is for adults alone. After all, adults have the financial and physical capability to volunteer. They have the monetary resources to donate to people in need. They know how to cook free meals for the most vulnerable groups of people or have the strength to help erect a community library for out-of-school youth.

But did you know that your kids can volunteer in Singapore, too? They don’t have to slice vegetables and cook free meals or mix concrete to build libraries. They can have their own little ways to help people in need, such as donating their toys and books to kids and selling cookies and lemonades and donating the profit to organisations.

But the question is why should you introduce your kid to volunteer work in Singapore?

5 Reasons To Introduce Your Kids To Volunteer Work In Singapore

1. It teaches kids that they can have an impact.

Sometimes, thinking that helping one person will not make a huge impact on the community. But as Vincent Van Gogh said, ‘great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’ Small actions can make a humongous change in others.

2. It builds a sense of community and belongingness.

Volunteerism brings all people from different walks of life together. For instance, when helping typhoon-stricken towns, firefighters, rescuers, educators, students, wives and husbands, and children work together.

Rescuers and firefighters can help evacuate typhoon victims, while educators can prepare school gyms as temporary shelters. Husbands and wives can cook meals for the victims, while students and children can distribute blankets and clothing. Everyone in the community has a role in volunteer work in Singapore.

3. It gives kids a new perspective and encourages social awareness.

It is not surprising that children only have one perspective in life. After all, their lives revolve around house and school. But through a volunteer program in Singapore, they will realise that people have different predicaments. Some kids their age don’t go to school or kids with broken families

Volunteer programmes let children socialise with different people and environments. As they grow old, they will be more socially aware and develop empathy towards others.

4. It teaches children gratitude.

As children learn that some people are not as fortunate as them or do not have the same privilege as them, they will learn gratitude. They will appreciate what they have, such as food, shelter, and clothing. Kids also recognise the importance of hard work in earning things in life.

Most importantly, children will learn to share and pass on whatever blessings they receive through volunteer work in Singapore.

5. It is a perfect opportunity to bond.

Lastly, becoming a volunteer in Singapore is a perfect opportunity to bond as a family and community. It brings families outside their houses and works together as one unit. Volunteering activities are also a fruitful break from school and office work.


Is your kid ready to become a volunteer in Singapore? They can learn many life lessons from volunteering, which they can bring as they become adults.

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