Which Processor is Going to Be the Right One? AMD or Intel?


There is a sense of compatibility involved when it comes to getting the right kind of parts for your personal computer. There is specific kind of parts for specific purposes. For example, you will not use an Intel Pentium 4 chip for a gaming PC but you might consider it for a workplace simple PC. This is because all the components available in the market do not yield the same kind of power. You need to find the right parts for your PC so that the purpose for which you are using the PC is fulfilled.

Consider if you want to build a work PC, then you need parts like Core i3 or lower processor chips with integrated graphics and suitable RAM & storage setup on a mid-range motherboard. But, for gaming purposes, you would need a processor like Core i7 or prominent Ryzen 5900X with equally powerful graphics and memory. This will help you in running all kinds of the game without any glitch or lag. The monitors are very specific as well. you will need a simple monitor for work PC but if you want to game in HD or 4K, then you need specific resolution monitors. This is the general idea that you can follow based on the purpose to build a PC.

You would need a good set of accessories as well which will go well with your setup. For example, a good quality mouse, keyboard, and a pair of good headphones will be more than enough to deal with your work needs but you would need gaming mice, a keyboard, and headphones that are specifically made for gaming.

These things are available in all kinds of product price ranges due to which everyone can easily afford to get the right kind of accessories. The effective headphone rate depends on what type of headphones you are trying to get your hands on. Various popular brands deal with all kinds of products including mouse pads and mats as well. you can get their versions or you can get them customized based on what you like.

For gaming accessories, the pricing might be a little more than what it is for normal accessories as those gaming accessories are specially made for gaming purposes because of their better key press and mouse sensitivity with crisp sound through the headphones.