Office Security: 5 Tips for CCTV Installation in Singapore 


With modern technology, any establishment can secure its safety with advanced equipment. Your company needs to protect its privacy against external threats, and your employees should stay safe while working. For this reason, you must create your security system in Singapore by installing a CCTV camera in the premises, including the lobby, building facade, and company rooms.

So to take advantage of this technology, you must learn how to install a CCTV camera for an effective security system. Here are the tips for an effective CCTV installation.

1. Remove Obstruction

When installing a CCTV system in Singapore, remove the obstruction that can block the view. Install a camera with no blockage, like a tree, statue, or furniture. With this, you can view the footage with imagery and see what’s happening in the area with no problem. You can also find a strategic place to avoid such obstructions.

2. Test the Lighting

Lighting is also essential when using a CCTV or IP camera in Singapore. So, when installing a camera, see to it that the lighting is enough to observe the area. Better yet, you can look for CCTV cameras with night vision that can enhance your view. However, if you’re using a camera in the daytime, ensure that the camera gets enough light to see the place.

3. Protect the Cables

Are you planning to install a CCTV and IP camera outside the office building? If so, you must protect the cables from an external threat. The threat can be the weather, pests, and ill-intentioned people. Some might damage the internal system, disabling observing the area. To protect the cables, hire a professional to make the lines inaccessible.

4. Hire Professional Installer

Hiring professional installers is beneficial because they know the correct process and use the right equipment. In doing so, they can keep the CCTV camera safe and minimise damages. If planning to have a CCTV installation in Singapore, call for professional services to make it more effective.

5. Protect the Outdoor Cameras

Of course, outdoor cameras need more protection compared to indoor cameras. You have to protect the cameras from external factors like extreme weather. In doing so, you can get a clear view from the CCTV without system interruption. With this, you can get the best results and keep your office safe.

If you want help with your CCTV installation, you can partner with Valsys Technologies in Singapore. Contact them today to learn more about the security system.