Saturday, September 23

What You Need To Know About Becoming an EMT


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that EMTs help 20-30 million Americans every year. In fact, these professionals are the frontline of care for many individuals, even though they don’t hold a college degree. If you are interested in becoming an EMT, there are a few things you should know about this incredible profession.

Required Coursework

EMT students must attend a program that provides them with at least 170 hours of training. The training includes patient assessment, including determining whether these individuals have life-threatening illnesses or injuries. General first aid, including injury splinting, oxygen or epinephrine admiration and CPR procedures, are covered as well. Because these professionals need to recognize when someone is dying, severe injuries are also reviewed.

You may search for a program that offers online EMT training certification Texas immediately because these programs typically require medical education or experience. However, different schools may have unique prerequisites or other requirements. Also, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and your state need to approve of the program for you to gain certification. You also need to be at least 18 years of age.

Types of EMTs

A basic EMT receives a standard certification after they complete their training. However, these individuals have fewer responsibilities than more advanced professionals. For example, although they can provide basic first aid and some life-saving procedures, such as AED and CPR, they cannot complete invasive procedures.

Intermediate EMTs require additional training. However, they are able to set IVs and intubate patients. They can also provide nonprescription drugs. Paramedics receive the most training and are at the top of the EMT profession. They are able to read lab results, EKGs and X-rays. These individuals also administer intravenous or oral medications.

If you are interested in pursuing an EMT career, start with a basic EMT training program.