Clifton NJ Drug and alcohol treatment


Clifton in Passaic County is the 11th largest municipality in New Jersey. It boasts many reserves and parks that have hiking trails just waiting to be explored. Other activities include visiting the bowling, local farm, having fun at the Clifton Skatezone, and browsing artistic exhibits.

The city, though, has been affected by similar problems connected to drug incidents that are sweeping across the rest of the country. Suspicious activity has led to police arrests of drug traffickers and the capture of large quantities of illicit drugs. Home searches have also brought in drug seizures and arrests of drug dealers. But trying to maintain safety and removing the threat of drugs from its streets holds risks for law enforcement officers.

Fortunately, for those seeking assistance to overcome their substance abuse challenges, there are many Clifton drug treatment facilities and Clifton alcohol treatment facilities to choose from. The state has multiple treatment centers and recovery programs, and you can find help at the local level in Clifton and its surrounding areas.


Drug and alcohol treatment in Clifton, NJ

There are varying levels of treatment programs, and you need to choose the one that benefits your circumstances. Some patients begin in a residential treatment program and then advance to a partial admission program. You can do this or, if your scenario is suitable, you can go straight into an outpatient program. The different forms of program levels are detailed here to make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

Residential Drug rehab in Clifton, NJ, Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs offer care and supervision on a 24-hour basis. Also called inpatient programs, they need patients to live at the facility around the clock. Detox can be mix with therapy if it hasn’t already been completed. This allows patients to manage the underlying issues of their addictions at the same time. Besides individual and group therapy sessions, patients take part in physical activities and learn skills to help them cope with sober life outside of the facility. These skills include nutritional planning and stress management. The residential aspect ensures patients recover in a healthy environment away from temptations that may be in their path Residential drug treatment programs can last from 30 to 90 days. These programs are suited to patients striving to heal from severe substance use disorders or those with a long history of substance misuse.

Outpatient Treatment centers in Clifton New Jersey

Outpatient programs provide patients yet more freedom in that they live at home while attending the treatment facilities at particular times for therapy sessions. This allows patients to carry on with their healthy lives and meet everyday commitments, such as work, education, and family life.

When choosing the best Rehabs in Clifton, you should consider United Recovery Project located in South Florida for the best residential treatment centers.