What to Do After a Truck Accident


Drivers on highways, state roads, and even parking lots are required to share routes with big trucks, 18-wheelers, buses, and other heavy truck or cars. And of course, the drivers of these heavy commercial vehicles must share the road with those people who drive mini cars, minivans. Because of that, falling on a truck collision is a wrong moment that will leave you at a loss for what is your next task. Because accidents can be complicated and often involve many factors and many parties, it is generally in your best unusual to seek help from a Truck Crash Law Firm who can help you through the entire process. Following these tips can also help protect your rights following an accident with a commercial vehicle.

Stay At The Crash Spot

Many of states, leaving the scene of an accident could constitute a hit and run, Anybody who is involved in a truck or any vehicles accident must remain at the scene of the crash until authorities and medical help have arrived. Please move from the car if needed for safety. It is a plus point, leave the vehicle in the position where it came to rest after the crash. In purpose, this will give you the best chance of collecting the proof of what caused and the damages and truck accident injuries that resulted from it.

Check Other Vehicles For Truck Accident Injuries 

These accidents can often involve a small car and several passenger vehicles. Give attention to your own urgent needs, but keep in mind that injuries and damage to other vehicles, or even to walkers, could exist, and may require assistance as well.

Call In Helpline

Often these vast truck accidents can a mean severe injury from a truck accident and even fatalities. Safety is your very top priority after a collision with a massive truck or bus. Firstly if you can, call emergency services right away by dialling 9-1-1. In most cases, this will also dispatch the police who can help with gathering eyewitness accounts and creating a crash report.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

It is vital to exchange information with the other driver while at the scene of the accident.  If the other drivers leave the scene of the crash, it can be hard to track them down. Even if you have them all the information, it will be an easy task with contacting them. Getting their contact information will make things more comfortable if you choose to seek compensation for your injuries. Make sure that you note down, driver’s name, address, phone number, and email address, and also a driver of the truck, driver’s license number for the driver of the car, name and contact information for the truck driver’s employer.

Check for  Witnesses

You must always check  for witnesses at or near the scene of the accident, keep your eyes on the crash scene and find out a legal witness for this crash. You can assemble a witness statement yourself or ask for their contact information in case more details about the accident are needed. These witnesses may be called upon to prove in your case. You can also check the crash report to see if the responding officer interviewed any witnesses you may have missed.

Speak Wisely

After the crash, you need to contact an insurance adjuster. You have to be very careful what you say to the adjuster because they can use anything you say against you. It is the best option to speak with a lawyer before talking to the insurance adjuster. Your lawyer can suggest you on what you can and cannot say if the association asks for a recorded or written statement and issues, decline until you have spoken with your lawyer. You are needed to cooperate with the insurance company, but you are not required to give a speech.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s vital to have experience on your side with someone who knows and fights big insurance companies, which often flow vast amount of money into saving their drivers. Going it alone is the very much hard task for on yourself — that would make most people, very nervous.