Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops that You Will Fall in Love With


Natural stones have unique qualities of their own. Nothing can beat the sheer class and sophistication that they bring to the interiors of a room. And today, we have made this guide to take you through a couple of beautiful natural stone kitchen countertops like the Cuisines Rosemere comptoir cuisine countertops. Have a look at the types and benefits to decide for yourself. 

Here we go! 

  1. Granite Kitchen Countertops 

Granite is already quite a popular option when it comes to kitchen renovation.

Granite kitchen countertops look beautiful whether you have a small kitchen or a bigger space. In fact, granite goes with interiors of all kinds. Some of the best benefits of having these countertops in your kitchen are listed below. Have a look! 

  • Granite kitchen countertops are germ resistant and bacteria resistant. 
  • Granite kitchen countertops are very strong and they do not scratch or crack easily. 
  • Granite is resistant to heat and moisture. Thus, you can directly bake and cook over it. 
  • Granite countertops are sealed that makes them water resistant too. 
  • These countertops do not catch stains quickly. All you have to do is wipe them with a clean cloth. 
  • Granite kitchen countertops prove to be economical in the long run.
  1. Marble Kitchen Countertops

Next in the line of best natural stone countertops after granite are marble kitchen countertops. Marble has its own uniqueness that makes it a popular choice. Some of the advantages of having these countertops are given below. 

  • Marble is a soft stone that can be cut into fancy designs with beautiful edges. Precisely, marble can be customized into a number of shapes and designs according to your choice. 
  • These countertops look classy in all kinds of kitchens – traditional, modern, and even contemporary. 
  • Despite being a natural stone, marble is actually a highly affordable option. 
  • Marble kitchen countertops are water resistant and highly scratch resistant and heat resistant too. 

All in all, these are the 2 best natural stone countertops that you must try. 

Additionally, we’d also like to make a mention of another kind of countertop that’s actually made from an engineered stone, but is highly durable. It’s quartz. 

Quartz countertops need to have a special mention here because their advantages are no less than real stones. Some of those advantages are listed below. 

  • They can be customized in any color and shade that you want. 
  • They can be cut into any shape and size that you want. 
  • They are heat resistant, water resistant, dust and bacteria resistant, and stain resistant too. 

To sum up, you can also have a look at other kinds of kitchen countertops here,