Top Things to Gift Your Friend


Good friends are hard to find. So, when their birthday or any special occasion rolls around, you want to make that day memorable and make them realize how much they mean to you. This is why we are here today with bespoke gift items that will admire forever. These are not just gift items but token of love for them.

Here are the top things to gift your friend this year.

  1. A Digital Picture Frame

Do you love sharing pictures? If yes then you should definitely get a Wi-Fi Cloud Picture Frame for your friend. It provides you with control over your photographs along with flexibility to share them with your buddy. Gift it to your beloved pal and share photos via email for immediate display on this digital photo frame anytime and from any corner of the world. You can also create and upload multiple photo playlists with ease so your friend can enjoy memories.

  1. Best Buddy T-Shirts

A dynamic combination of T-shirts is the ideal set for the best friends forever. You can get these amazing and personalised T-shirts online. They are made of good quality fabric and can be customized as per your choice. Don’t worry about the size and fit because they are available in almost all sizes. Make sure you choose these T-shirts in universal colors to make them versatile for wearing anytime. Your best friend will love it definitely!

  1. Personalised Car keychain

Inscribe the date that is special to both of you on this personalised car keychain by Etchcraft Emporium. There is nothing so iconic that a car-shaped pendant that is customized with a memorable text. It is ideal for keys of their car, home, and cabinets. Your fanatic friend will admire this creative keychain a lot.

  1. Personalised Bracelet for Girls

Tell your female pal that is the one that makes your life beautiful. This Etchcraft Emporium’s personalised bracelet for girls is cute, simple, and elegant. This open cuff bracelet is made of premium stainless steel. It is nicely polished to achieve a shiny look. The cuffs have soft ends so the wrist of the wearer doesn’t get hurt. Above all, you can get her name or a sweet message inscribed with laser light to make her feel special.

  1. Personalised Car Cushion Cover

Customize a cushion! That lovely car design with tailor-made VIN plate on this personalised car cushion cover will immediately make your buddy enamored with it. Whether they put in their car or bedroom, this cushion is going get thousands of compliments from all family members and guests. Etchcraft Emporium has really done a great job by adding a number plate customization feature. You can add anything to it.

  1. Wine Glass

Whether or not your buddy likes wine, this wine glass makes a perfect gift item for everyone. It’s a humorous and personalised wine glass that cannot be just used for drinking soft and hard drinks but also for decoration purposes. This wine glass can be customized as per your preference- you can add a funny quote like “You’re a Clown who Make Me Laugh Even in the Hard Times”. They will surely love it.

Over to You

Sweet, fun, and heart-touching, these gifts are sure to bring a special effect in your relationship. They are just perfect for every event throughout the year.

Leave your comments and let us know whether you liked them or not.