What Kinds of Buildings are Inspected by a Commercial Building Engineer?


Commercial buildings are properties primarily utilized for business activities. Examples of commercial establishments include office buildings, industrial warehouses, retail stores, daycare facilities, and hospitals. Unlike residential rental properties, where a renter pays a fixed monthly price for the entire unit, commercial property leases generally require an occupant to pay a certain amount per square foot of space.

Commercial assets are more susceptible to economic shocks than residential buildings, making them higher-risk investments. But they have the advantage of higher returns, which makes them very attractive investments. 

Commercial real estate acquisition often entails a substantial sum of money, which is difficult for a single retail investor to pay. Fortunately, banks and other financial institutions offer loans to cover the purchase of commercial buildings. Lending institutions will need the borrower to meet several requirements when applying for a commercial real estate loan, including an asset evaluation conducted by a professional commercial building inspector NJ or engineers. This is to establish the risk threshold and get the project’s full financial picture.

A commercial property inspector who has no vested interest in the property is typically the ideal professional for this job. An independent professional brings a fresh pair of eyes that can help uncover issues that might otherwise be missed. They will also provide unbiased assessments, so all parties receive a reliable report from which they can base their judgments. 

The inspector will perform a comprehensive visual assessment of the property. The building’s essential interior components will be assessed, including the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. Commercial building engineers will check if they are in working condition. If a system is not functioning properly, the inspector will include a cost estimate for its repair or replacement in the inspection report. The basements, exteriors, interiors, as well as the foundation of the structure will also be investigated. 

Here is an infographic from Lockatong Engineering with more details about commercial building engineers and how to schedule a commercial building inspection NJ