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Know How to Choose the Most Popular Akoya Pearl Jewelry


Pearls add beauty to a woman with its elegant and simple look. Different types of pearls are available in the market including South Sea, Akoya, Tahitian and Freshwater in various colors like white, pink, cream, etc. Natural oils present in the body keeps the luster of a pearl.

You can purchase different styles of high standard Akoya pearls in the stores such as earrings, studs, necklace, etc at affordable price. The size of it ranges from 6 mm to 8.5 mm. Among them, you can choose the perfect one as per your need and style.

While selecting a pearl jewelry, you have to make sure regarding the quality of pearls. For this, you need to know the characteristics of pearls:


  • Thickness – Pearls have many layers called as nacre or mother of pearls. It will be covered with nuclei. This nuclei need to be thick, otherwise they will be discarded. Nacre provides the beautiful shining as well as color to pearls. If the thickness is more, then the pearl becomes more mature.
  • Luster – If the organic material blemishes the pearl, then the shining of the pearl becomes dull. With this, it looks different from other pearls and reduces the beauty of the jewel. Depending on the size of a pearl, you can easily observe the variance in luster.
  • Blemishes – If there are any pits or scratches on the pearl, then the surface of it gets damaged. By this, the pearl will lost its luster and becomes useless.
  • Cracks on nacre – If there is any split on the pearl. It cannot be used to make any ornament.
  • Making damages – By using more bleach or dye makes it worse and will be removed from making jewelry.

Pearl will have natural characteristics as it is a gift of nature. Every pearl is unique and some of them may have little damages like knobs or pits. When you choose for pearls, make sure whether they are pure pearls or not. A pearl with smooth surface is considered as the good quality one.

Pearl’s luster helps you to find out the right one. A pure pearl will give shining for life time, if you take proper care.

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