How termite treatment can help in the long-term maintenance of your home?


Did you look around your house? Does it have a patch of termite growing so fast and destroying your home? This happens to every home and it can cause billions of dollars worth of damage, they even collapse every structure of your home. These termites eat our homes undetected. We are here to solve your termite problem through this article. Hiring a pest control company in Ermington to help get a termite treatment is the best solution, and termite treatment provides safe and effective control on termites that will keep your beloved home termite-free in the long run.

How to be alert of termites?

The first step is when the termites enter your home. As they rarely come out of soil or mud tubes through which they are tunnelling. We don’t even notice their presence until we come across visible damage during a remake or construction.

Measures to prevent termites from entering our homes.

  • Fix leaky taps and other excess moisture leaving sources as they are perfect conditions for termite invasion.
  • If possible, only have a concrete foundation touching the soil with sides starting at around 6 inches above the soil level.
  • Have plants outside your house to get much prevention of termite entering the home.
  • Keep the vents from blockage.

Apart from preventing you from taking the action on termite in your home with the help of professionals pest management company in Parramatta, they provide various termite treatments from termite baits to complete soil barrier treatments.

Termite bait

  • Termite bait from the best pest management service provider in Parramatta generally relies on cellulose baits that contain a slow-acting insecticide, which is lethal to termites.
  • They install these baits outdoors like yards below the ground in cylindrical plastic tubes. They install sometimes baiting stations indoors inside active mud tubes.
  • The termites feed on it, resulting in a gradual ceasing of them.
  • You can also use this termite treatment in Ermington as a monitoring tool to detect termite before they are a threat to your property.
  • These types of baits are used when there is no hope for soil termiticides or concern about pesticide use on your ground.

Liquid termiticides 

  • This treatment has been around for decades now and still the most reliable. Liquid termiticides provide a long-lasting barrier in the soil preventing the termites from entering the building.
  • Even if the termite enters the property they usually die, since they cannot return to the soil for moisture supplement.
  • Most of these termiticides were repellent rather than lethal to termites. New products are released with more potent, such as Termidor, Taurus, premise, etc. these liquid termiticides are non-repellent and kill the termites when they enter the treated area.
  • These products are more reliable in eliminating termites from our premises with the first attempt itself.

All termite controls are supposed to last for at least a few years. Liquid termiticides should control termites for 5 years. However, the duration of control depends on factors like which termiticide product you have used, the application. Environmental conditions, etc. regardless of any treatment, it is important to hire an experienced specialist for termite treatment in Ermington that can be trusted and must be from a reliable pest management firm in Parramatta.