What is the classic model of a diamond ring?


One way to try to understand your future bride’s taste concerning the engagement ring is to understand what style describes her. What she wears, likes to wear and also a little bit of her own personality can help eliminate some risks when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your wedding proposal.

Understanding a little of her style can help you to overcome some challenges that appear when choosing the ideal engagement ring, after all, there are many models and variations available: yellow gold or white gold, large or small diamond, solitaire ring or diamonds on the rim. Therefore, insecurity at this time is natural.

We have separated some characteristics of the most common fashion styles, tips for identifying them and recommendations for rings that tend to please each audience. See below:

Classic-traditional style

This style is commonly attributed to people who are more conservative and true to their values. They are people who are seen by others as trustworthy, loyal, organized, practical and responsible. The Alexander Sparks diamond rings are perfect there.

How To Recognize The Classic Style?

In your closet, well-cut and good-quality pieces of clothing prevail. The colours she usually chooses for her clothes, makeup and accessories are neutral and traditional, like beige, navy blue and black. She likes more sober prints that have an easy pattern to match. Dare and try new trends is not for her.

For women who identify with the classic style, the tip is to bet on the traditional solitaire ring. Wildcard, this model that highlights a central stone, has all the attributes to please it. It is unlikely that anything will go wrong if you choose loners.

Since solitaire rings need to work with larger diamonds, it is natural that the price is a little high. So, if this type of ring goes out of budget, you can also opt for rings with classic and traditional features, but with slightly smaller diamonds. To achieve an effect similar to solitaire, some engagement ring designs combine diamonds to simulate a larger gem: the effect is incredible. This is the case with the Uni I Engagement Ring:

Romantic style

People who identify with the romantic style are usually careful and delicate. Many consider them to be kind, welcoming and cooperative.

How To Recognize The Romantic Style?

The costumes chosen have soft colours, pastel tones, mixed with bright colours, usually light. She prefers small prints, like Poá (polka dot print) and small floral. Besides, she demonstrates a preference for clothes that have well-worked details such as lace, embroidery, pleats, pleats, ruffles and brocades.

A jewel with meticulous details and organic lines should please you. Vintage/retro models that bring up novels from times gone by can also make you sigh!

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Lush style

This is the style often related to people who like to attract attention, who are persuasive and contagious. They are outgoing and like to demonstrate their passions. They are seen as energetic, self-confident and glamorous people.

How To Recognize The Exuberant Style?

Your wardrobe likes to mix neutral tones like black and white with vibrant colours, animal prints and a lot of shine. Metallic tones and stones often appear in your accessories.

Larger stones and golden colour tend to please this audience. Because she has a magnetic personality, she will certainly identify herself with a ring that stands out among other jewels. The important thing is that you can transmit how important it is, rare and unique through a beautiful and showy ring.

Minimalist style

Generally, agile, practical and dynamic people identify with the minimalist style. They are women who like freedom, challenges and living in the present. They never stop. They are known for being spontaneous, stripped and with a young spirit.

How To Recognize The Minimalist Style?

As they are practical, they don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about how to combine the pieces. For that reason, they love primary and neutral colours, which are easier to compose. Besides, basic pieces such as jeans, T-shirts and clothes with a sports footprint are his favourites. This is not an indicator that they are less elegant: they are just more practical and can create incredible looks with what is essential.

Less is more when choosing the ring for her. In addition to being practical, the ring should be comfortable. The ideal is that the stones are not very projected or are very exposed. A modern look and not too elaborate, but that carries a special meaning can please you.

Were you able to relate some style to your beloved’s dress? In addition to the women’s fashion tips (yes my dear, in this endeavour each runway is valuable), it is worth paying attention to what she says about your personal preferences. You can also search for more information with the help of her friends and her mother.

An engagement ring is bought only once in a lifetime, so it is very unique and special for the buyer and the recipient. Do you want to pay a salary of 1 month, a salary of 2 months or more? The truth is that a budget for the engagement ring is very relative and has no rules, only different expectations. First, you can create a budget and then consider style, taste and personality. After browsing the design, stone and metal options, check the prices and find the alternative styles that offer the closest amount you have planned for it. The financial situation, your partner’s expectations and the significance of the ring are the most important factors you need to focus on. After budget planning, browse the styles and find the most suitable piece, taking into account her personal style. Regardless of the price, if you have already thought about a price range, choose the best design, being the main problem left.

Guide to Engagement Rings

This is a very personal choice because every woman has a different style, so, first of all, you have to take into account her taste, her clothing style and pay attention to the design and colours of her jewellery. If you are a classic lover, yellow gold that never goes out of style can be an excellent option. On the other hand, if she likes contemporary models, white gold can be very suitable for her. Platinum is an excellent choice if you wear the ring every day and have an active life. Palladium fits perfectly with his feelings, as he has a low weight. If she is a romantic princess, the warm pink gold-tone will make her very happy.