Here are some amazing techniques to help you play 13 card rummy better


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Are you simply fed up with losing at the game of 13 card rummy? Well, there must be something where you are going wrong for sure due to which you are not able to show a better game of yours.

It is important to understand that the game can be easily played if you practice it for a while. Also, you need to incorporate the right moves and techniques while practicing so that you can play better the next time onwards. Practicing the game with the right skills will enable you to implement these skills automatically when you are playing a real game.

  • Techniques to help you play 13 card rummy better

Whatever rummy variant you wish to excel in, practicing it a number of times is the most common thing. But again practicing the game with the right skills and moves is equally important. Here are some of such techniques that can be helpful to you in your 13 card rummy game.

  • Do not forget the rules

Often people who do not follow the rules can lose the game. Of course, there are different sets and sequences that you can come up with. But as per the rule, forming at least one pure sequence is needed to win the game or at least lose lesser points. Hence, as soon as the game starts, focus on forming a pure sequence as soon as possible.

  • Learn to reduce down the points

Another technique that can help you is to know how to reduce down the points. It is not possible to win the game always as your opponents are also practicing the game the way you do. But it is always possible to lose the game with lesser points. After you have formed one pure sequence, try to form some other pure sequences, if possible apart from other sets. The more pure sequences you form, the more points get reduced. Also, you should try to get rid of the high-value points such as the Face cards and other higher-value cards at the earliest.

  • Make use of smart cards

If you have smart cards such as 3,4,5,6,7, or 8, try to keep them or if you get a chance to pick them, do so. These are smart cards because they can be easily formed into sequences. For example, if you have the card 5, you can easily get 3 & 4, 4 & 6, or 6 & 7 of the same pattern to form a pure sequence. Similarly, try to stay away from the end cards such as 10 or A as these may consume time and your opponent may win before you.


The game 13 card rummy will not be that difficult, if you are properly acquainted with the rules and if you can make use of the right techniques in it. Make use of the above-mentioned techniques and practice them quite often to win the game more often. Even if you are not able to win the game, practicing with these techniques will surely help you in losing with lesser points and playing the game better.